Parineeti 9th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 9th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder talking to Neeti whereas Pammi and Chandrika discuss about weird behavior of Neeti while dancing with Rajeev.

Gurinder goes there and notices that they are bitching about Neeti after which Gurinder tries to take a stand for Neeti but Pammi asks her to not trust Neeti as she can betray them at any time.

After that, Gurinder does not argue with them and she just observes what is going on in Chandrika and Pammi's minds and after that, she goes from there.

She meets Neeti and scolds her for harming Pari every time which makes Neeti confused and she asks her what is she saying then Gurinder tells her that she came from the Kitchen and heard Chandrika and Pammi discussing her.

Neeti becomes anxious and asks her what were they discussing after which Gurinder tells her that Pammi doubts her that she will again harm Pari.

She tells Neeti that Chandrika has decided to keep an eye on her so that nothing wrong can happen with Pari after that she advises Neeti to directly focus on Rajeev instead of attacking Pari.

Neeti asks her if she has gone mad but Gurinder asks her to follow the things that she is telling her otherwise she won't be able to achieve Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Rajeev meets the detective and they discuss their plan to catch the person who is responsible for harming Pari.

The detective asks Rajeev to work according to him and follow the guidelines that he is saying after that Rajeev takes his advice seriously.

Later, Neeti goes downstair and asks everyone to gather in the hall after that she announces that she wants everyone to play a game that she wants.

Neeti tells everyone that Pari is very special to her and that today is her birthday so she has organized a game to make it more special which increases curiosity in Pari and Rajeev's minds.

Pari thanks god for sending Neeti into her life whereas Neeti smirks and murmurs that she wants to make Pari feel bad today after that she gives the instructions for the game and starts it with Rajeev.

She blindfolds Rajeev and asks him to identify Pari from the ladies standing there and Rajeev successfully finds Pari among the other ladies.

Neeti feels bad but she does not show it after that Pammi insists Rajeev do a romantic dance with Rajeev while Neeti comes in between in mid of their dance.

Pari feels weird while everyone also starts staring at Neeti whereas Gurinder murmurs in Bebe's ear that Neeti has gone mad and soon her truth will come out if she keeps on doing this.

Meanwhile, Neeti goes to her room and she yells and says that she does not like Rajeev caring for Pari whereas Pari comes to her room and asks her why is she shouting.

Neeti says that if she tells the reason then she will stop talking with her while Pari asks her why she came between her and Rajeev when they were dancing.

On the other hand, Gurinder makes a fake call in front of Pammi that she is talking to the doctor while Pammi asks her where is she taking Neeti.

Gurinder tells her that she is taking Neeti to the doctor's place because she does not want Neeti to suffer more due to her memory loss whereas Neeti asks Pari if she has any problem with her when she goes near Rajeev which makes Pari confused.

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