Parineeti 9th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 9th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 9th November 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 9th November 2022 episode starts with Mandeep and Harman arguing with each other about Harman taking Gurpreet and Pari’s side always.

After Harman angrily walks away, Mandeep curses Pari for ruining her married life.

On the other hand, Pari loses her balance but before she can fall Rajeev catches her.

While Pari and Rajeev are lost in each other eyes, they hear Dadi’s voice and Rajeev lets Pari go quickly.

Hearing Biji’s voice, everyone gathers at the entrance to welcome Dadi, and Gurinder takes excited Neeti away.

Afterward, Biji urges someone to give her a glass of water but Chandrika offers Biji halwa.

Biji scolds Chandrika for not arriving with water while Chandrika stays silent.

Pari then arrives there with water and Biji showers Pari with compliments.

Biji then starts scolding Tayaji for not coming to the rail station to pick her up and Tayaji nods.

Pari tells Biji that she needs to tell her something but before Pari can utter any more words, Biji starts making assumptions about Pari being pregnant.

Elsewhere, Gurinder orders Neeti to stay inside the room until Gurinder orders her to come out.

Neeti asks Gurinder why she cannot meet Biji but Gurinder urges Neeti to question Sanju about it.

Thinking Neeti is very curious, Gurinder gets irritated and walks away.

Meanwhile, Rajeev runs away as he does not want to deal with Biji when she learns the truth.

Biji then urges Pari to break the suspense but before Pari can say anything, Gurinder arrives there and informs Biji that Pari feels guilty for doing Diwali puja without Biji’s presence.

Biji however tells Pari that she should start thinking about a baby.

On one hand, Gurinder feels relieved, on the other hand, Pari thinks she is stuck here with Rajeev again.

Elsewhere, while pacing in the room, Neeti thinks now she needs to impress both Parminder and Biji.

She even tells herself that she cannot wait to join her work and fly again and Rajeev enters the room at the same time.

Looking at Rajeev, Neeti urges him to listen to her but Rajeev orders Neeti to give him some space.

Neeti however informs Rajeev that sometimes she thinks Rajeev has two personalities so Rajeev should visit a therapist.

This makes Rajeev very angry and he yells that he is not a mental person and walks away abruptly.

Later, while Neeti is talking with someone on call, Biji enters the room suddenly and questions Neeti about her identity.

Neeti tells Biji about Sanju but Biji announces that she does not know anyone.

Before Biji questions Neeti anymore, Monty arrives there and welcomes Biji but Neeti however walks away.

Neeti meets Rajeev later on the roof and informs Rajeev that they need to talk.

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