Parineeti 9th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 9th November 2023 episode starts with Pari telling Rajeev that she does not like it when he gets angry with her.

He agrees never to be angry with her but she has to promise never to perform such stunts as that will kill him.

Pari looks deep into his eyes when Bebe comes and gives a little cough, making them aware.

She asks Pari to follow her as she has some work for her when she tells Pari that Neeti has been looking for her, making Pari happy as she thinks that Neeti has called her to know if she is okay or not.

Pari runs after Neeti but loses sight of her and catches a glimpse of Sanju who looks stressed. 

She asks him if he is okay to which he replies that Neeti is angry with her leading Pari to say that Neeti is like a kid and she has to convince her.

He questions the reason behind her trying to kill him when she states that it was due to Neeti's manipulation as she trusts Neeti more than anyone else in the world.

Meanwhile, Neeti is setting a trap by setting all the explosives while Bebe asks Sukwinder to lure Pari in.

Sukwinder is hesitant but Neeti leaves her no choice when she goes to Pari, asking her to come with her.

Pammi goes to Bebe who is talking to Neeti and asks them what is going on to which Bebe replies that she always thinks that they are up to something and is slowly forgetting all the manners.

Gurinder arrives, asking Neeti to attend to the guests but Neeti erupts, asking why do not people leave her alone.

Bebe asks Gurinder to come along with her, leaving Neeti alone when she finally finds Pari and hugs her.

After hugging her she says that she does not feel anything for Pari like she used to. 

Neeti tells her that earlier if Pari hurt even a little bit then she used to start revolts for her but now all those emotions and feelings have just vanished.

Pari says that she does not believe her after which Neeti hugs her again.

After the hug, Neeti again says that she did not feel a thing and now she will grant Pari the last Diwali together.

Saying this Neeti leaves Pari alone and grabs a firecracker, throwing it in Pari’s direction, making her surroundings catch fire.

Pammi arrives hearing Pari's screams and tries to jump in but Neeti stops her and pretends to be as worried for Pari as she already is.

However, Pammi yells Sanju’s name and asks him to save Pari’s life.

Amit calls the fire brigade while Sanju jumps into the fire without wasting a minute along with a quilt.

He takes the quilt and wraps it around Pari while asking her if she is okay while Neeti yells at Sanju, saying if he has gone mad he will jump into the fire for Pari.

Sanju wraps both himself and Pari into the quilt and tries to find a way out while everyone else brings buckets of water and tries to extinguish the fire.

Pari is panicking while Sanju tries to calm her down but soon she gets unconscious. 

The fire brigade comes and saves both Sanju and Pari who are unconscious and wrapped together in the quilt.

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