Parineeti 9th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 9th September 2023 episode starts with Neeti scolding Chandrika and everyone for blaming her for killing her child.

Further, Gurinder says that she can't believe that her daughter-in-law tried to kill her friend and child and also mentions that she regrets not telling her the truth.

Everyone starts accusing Neeti of her bad deeds and questions her character and Rajeev comes in between.

He asks her to leave his life while he also breaks his relationship with her and throws her out of home.

Suddenly, Neeti realizes that she was daydreaming and she gets back to reality when Rajeev comes there.

Pari asks Neeti to tell her what she wants while Neeti lies that she wants Pari and herself to be Radha on this Janmashtami.

Everyone says that they got afraid and thought that she was going to say something important but Neeti handles the situation and says that she was creating suspense just to get their attention.

Meanwhile, Babli comes and everyone goes to meet her while Neeti asks Pari why she didn't tell the truth to Rajeev.

Pari says that she doesn't want Rajeev to hate her and she wants to see them together forever.

Further, Rajeev comes to Neeti and takes her to a room, and asks why she didn't tell the thing outside which she was going to tell then.

Neeti gets anxious and says that she was talking about Janmashtami only but Rajeev cross-questions her.

He says that he knows that there is some issue between her and Pari whereas Neeti says that these days he is closer to Pari so he should directly ask her.

Rajeev goes from there and on the other hand, Pari brings Juice for Babli but Babli understands that Pari is in tension so she asks her what's the problem.

Pari starts crying and tells her that Neeti got to know about her and Rajeev's marriage and that's why Neeti has started behaving weirdly with her.

She also says that if she were in Neeti's place, she would have also reacted in the same way.

Just then, Gurinder calls Pari so she goes from there and she ends up colliding with Rajeev.

He asks her if everything is fine or not while Pari says that she is fine, asking him what he is doing in the kitchen at this time and why he hasn't opened the light.

He says that he came here to take a water bottle and also didn't want to disturb anyone's sleep so he didn't open the light.

Neeti says that it's not someone's bedroom that their sleep will get disturbed as it's just a kitchen and she opens the light.

She also advises him to take his medications on time and asks him to rest but Rajeev stares at her face.

He tells her that she is looking tense and asks her to share the problem while Pari says that she is hiding something from him.

He says that if she is hiding something from him then there might be some reason behind it and also says that he will always support her.

Pari says that he should also support Neeti in the same way as he supports her while Rajeev says that it's strange because Neeti also asks for the same.

Further, he greets her good night and turns to go but he finds that Pari is crying so he stops.

He asks her problem while she recalls Neeti but prefers to be quiet.

On the other hand, Neeti secretly sees Rajeev holding Pari's hand and consoling her and after seeing this she completely shatters.

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