Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Update: Pisachini written update

Today's Pishachini 15th August 2022 episode starts with Pavitra sleeping in her room and having a nightmare about Pishachini slitting her throat.

Meanwhile, Rocky and his cousins are in the jungle looking for Pishachini at his insistence.

Bindiya sprays the night-blooming jasmine scented spray on Rocky as it is said that Pishachini is attracted to the smell of that.

Rocky goes forward looking for Pishachini while Bindiya and Sanchit stay back to help Shikha who fell down and injured her foot.

Further, Pishachini wakes up and follows Rocky while teasing him with her malicious laughter.

However, just before Rani can touch Rocky, he bumps into Pavithra and tumbles onto the ground with her.

Rocky and Pavithra start arguing and she tells him that his girlfriend should be like Pishachini only.

Just then, Dadaji comes there and scolds them ordering them to return home while the cousins also arrive there.

Sanchit says that Pishachini is not there while Bindiya says that she read that the place is littered with night-blooming jasmine flowers where Pishachini resides.

Pavitra keeps looking back at where she came from and recalls seeing the jasmine flowers littering the ground.

Dadaji comes to take her and she asks him if Bindiya was saying the truth.

They continue conversing and Pavithra shows Dadaji the picture of her family saying that she was born in Bareli too.

However, Dadaji gets shocked as he looks at the picture and learns that Pavithra is the granddaughter of Pandit Dindayal, who helped them capture Pishachini twenty years ago.

Seeing Dadaji's expressions, Pavithra tells Dadaji to tell her about her grandfather but Dadaji makes an excuse and tells her that they should return home.

On the other hand, Pishachini goes to Pratik and Anjali and orders them to handle PAvithra for the next day while she gets someone from the family to take the wooden box to Bareli.

The next morning, Pavithra and Dadaji meet once again and she asks him why he is hiding many things from her.

Dadaji breaks down and tells Pavithra about how Panditji saved his family from Pishachini and how the wooden box containing Pishachi went missing on the day of the Bhoomi pooja.

Flashback shows, Panditji's family escaping in their car while Rani follows them and takes control of Pavithra's father.

Panditji throws Pavithra out of the car just before it crashes as Pavithra gets saved by the procession of lord Hanuman's devotees.

Back in present, Pavithra tells Dadaji that she remembers Panditji telling her to finish Pishachini before his last breath and shows the mark on her hand which represents Lord Hanuman.

Elsewhere, Rani sleeps beside Rishi on her side and roams her hand on his body saying that she is going to make him hers and will use him to complete her dreams.

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