Pishachini 6th September 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 6th September 2022 Written Update

Pishachini 6th September 2022 Written Update: Pisachini written update

Today's Pishachini 6th September 2022 episode starts with Pavithra telling Rani that she has finally been exposed to everyone and turns to family members.

However, she gets shocked to see that everyone around her is frozen in place while Rani makes fun of her.

Rani tells Pavithra that if she knew Pavithra was that big of a fan, she would have shown her beautiful face earlier.

Rani goes around the Rajput family members trying to talk to them while Pishachini tells her that they cannot hear anything in this state.

Praising herself, Rani says that she has stopped time with her skills and that it is known as 'Kal Viram'.

Further, Rani goes around telling Rani that her plan was good but she knew about it and used her magical powers to stop time.

Once again, Pavithra tells Rani that she is not defeated and proves her point by saying that even if time has stopped, she is still talking to her.

Rani looks at Pavithra impressively and tells her that it is true and calls her faulty.

Rani says that it might be because of the mark on her hand.

Suddenly, Pavithra grabs Rani's hand and she gets teleported back to the ledge of the Ful mansion.

Rani tells Pavithra with a venomous voice that she will soon end her story.

Not backing down from the threats, Pavithra retorts that she will get her revenge as Pishachini took away her family and her childhood.

Rani laughs not knowing what she's talking about while Pavithra clarifies that she is the granddaughter of Panditji Dindayal and states that her God will help her.

Once again, Rani laughs hysterically as she tells Pavihhra that she is the only goddess of the night standing right before her eyes.

Rani reveals that her real intention is to turn every one from the Rajput family including her into Pishach and Pishachini.

Pavithra says that she will never let it happen while Rani goes up into the air and tells Pavithra that she doesn't know what happened.

Further, Rani uses her magic and transports to two hundred years ago.

200 years in the past, Rani is seen giving a wealthy couple chance to stay in her house where she lives with her husband and in-laws.

At night, Rani gets greedy seeing the jewelry but her in-law tells her that it is not in their nature to expect anything from the guests.

Still, at midnight, Mandy comes to the window and Rani gives him milk which Mandy puts his poison in making the milk poisonous.

The next morning, Rani tells her husband that the guests have died after drinking morning tea and suggests burying the bodies behind the house.

Days pass and soon the backyard gets filled with graves of all the guests and Rani's family starts doubting her.

Rani kills them too and continues her killing spree for luxuries.

However, one of her victims manages to run out into the nearby forest and Rani runs after him with a shovel to kill him.

During their struggle, the man manages to overpower rani and throws her inside the well where she hits her head on the rock and dies.

Mandy also dies due to the shovel falling on him.

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