Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 13th July 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 13th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 13th July 2023 episode starts with Shakti not bowing in front of Mandira and deciding to leave the house.

Shakti and Rimjhim leave the house

Mandira huffs in anger and says that she will ensure that Shakti has to come to her to beg for mercy in the future.

Rimjhim comes to Shakti with tears in her eyes and asks her to leave the house, which shocks Mandira and Padma as they do not know her.

Mandira calls for the servants and watchmen and shouts about allowing strangers inside the house like that.

Shakti and Rimjhim walk out of the house as Mandira asks them to get out at once and hands over the form without signing them.

Nandu watches the argument from upstairs and gets worried about Shakti not getting the signatures for her scholarship.

After Shakti leaves, Padma talks about how Shakti flaunted her courage in front of Mandira and made her look like a fool but gets silent as Mandira glares at her.

Rimjhim tells Shakti about how Koyal insulted her in front of her followers and promises to diss Koyal very soon publicly.

Nandu helps Shakti to meet Shiv

However, Nandu comes in front of Shakti and Rimjhim and stops them from leaving as he has come to help them in their matters.

Nandu tells Shakti that she would never get the sign on her form if she acts like that with her to which Shakti replies that she was unaware that the Kashyap family is full of such cheap people with small hearts.

Shakti and Rimjhim start cursing the Kashyap family after they were treated badly but Nandu stops them and says that he has come to help them and is their friend.

Nandu says that he will ensure that Shakti leaves the house with signatures on her form as he has promised Gayatri.

Shakti tells Nandu that Mandira will never sign her form to which Nandu replies that there is one more person who can sign on the papers.

Nandu says that his brother, Shiv Kashyap can sign Shakti's form which makes Shakti happy and she asks Nandu to take her to Shiv.

However, Nandu stops Shakti and tells her that they cannot go from the main door as Mandira will cause a scene if they get caught by her.

Nandu asks Shakti to climb the pillar and go to the second floor but Rimjhim denies Shakti from doing anything like that as it is dangerous.

Shakti prepares herself and climbs on the pillar when her dupatta gets stuck to a nail and gets torn with a small piece remaining on the nail.

Shakti takes a sneak peek at Shiv's abs

After coming to the second floor, Shakti enters Shiv's room while he comes out of the washroom after finishing his shower in a refreshed mood.

Shakti calls Shiv to come out as she needs to talk to him while Shiv sneaks from inside his wardrobe and gets shocked to see a girl standing in his room.

Shiv asks Shakti to go away but Shakti says that she needs one chance as Nandu has sent her there, making Shiv think that Shakti has come there for marriage.

As Shiv does not agree to meet Shakti, Shakti barges inside the wardrobe room and makes Shiv crash on the floor while wearing a towel.

Shiv and Shakti scream as they see each other and Shiv runs to the bathroom while Shakti covers her eyes.

Shiv peaks out of the washroom and asks Shakti to get out of his room but Shakti says that she urgently needs some help from him and asks him to come out while she is turning around.

Shakti says that she has not seen anything except Shiv's abs which makes Shiv flustered and he asks Shakti what she wants from him.

Before Shakti can tell Shiv, Mandira calls Shiv from outside and Shiv asks Shakti to get out of there as soon as possible.

Shakti comes out to the room and spots Shiv's doctor coat in which she keeps her form and wishes that Shiv will complete her work.

As Mandira enters the room, Shakti hides behind the sofa and Mandira leaves the room after being called to meet a guest.

Shakti bumps into Shiv while escaping and almost falls from the table while Shiv catches her in his arms to save her.

Just that moment, Mandira enters the room and gets thunderstruck to see Shakti in Shiv's arms.

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