Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 16th July 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 16th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 16th July 2023 episode starts with Shakti requesting Mandira that all the things she has been doing do not suit her as Mandira is older than her, and richer in status.

Being offended by the words which left Shakti’s mouth, Mandira counters that to complete her dream Shakti is following a man everywhere including his bedroom.

The insinuation that Shakti’s character is flawed and tainted makes Shakti furious and her politeness goes out of the window.

She retorts that Mandira dislikes to confront reality which is the truth, in fact, she is afraid of confrontation.

As Mandira looks confusingly at Shakti, Shakti reminds her of all the moments when their interactions happened and how Mandira behaved whenever Shakti corrected her actions.

Shakti mocks Kirtan saying that his degree might also be just a gift from Mandira, not the real one.

Meanwhile, Kirtan talks to Koyal about his liking towards Shakti.

Koyal scrunches her nose in distaste as Kirtan shows her Shakti’s photos.

He requests her to find the location of Shakti’s house since Koyal is a social media queen.

Within a minute, Koyal gives Shakti’s house’s address to Kirtan and both of them leave to meet Shakti.

On the other hand, Shakti is hurting Mandira’s ego more and more as she keeps on berating her about Kirtan being a fake doctor and Mandira having a disgusting personality.

Mandira warns Shakti about her anger and tells her to wait and watch as Mandira doesn’t let her enemies off the hook easily.

Shakti stays unwavering by the threat cum warning that Mandira threw her way saying that Bholenath will not let anything happen to her.

Mandira mocks Shakti’s belief in God and takes it as a challenge when Shakti tells her that Bholenath’s Shakti is enough to destroy Mandira.

Meanwhile, Kirtan reaches close by Shakti’s house with Koyal while Rimjhim is vlogging for her social media.

Rimjhim’s eyes spot Kirtan from the balcony of her house and she gets excited to see him.

Elated Rimjhim thinks that it's the result of her first fast out of all the 16 fasts that she is yet to complete.

While Kirtan looks for Shakti, Rimjhim waves hello to him which he returns to her and gets noticed by Dharam.

Dharam gets reminded of the words of wisdom spoken by his mother and starts beating Kirtan.

Koyal comes to Kirtan’s rescue as she slaps Dharam on his face which leaves Dharam lovestruck at first sight.

At the hospital, Mandira insults Shakti by mocking her financial status and asking her to make Shiv sign the scholarship documents.

Meanwhile, Shiv passes by there to the reception where he submits the name of his recommendation for the scholarship.

He tells the receptionist that the student is very competent and everyone will say the same after the interview.

The receptionist looks at the name written on the paper which is none other than Shakti.

On the other hand, Dharam’s Ustad Ji takes his class after being slapped by a girl.

He asks Dharam to make the girl apologize to him if he further wants to continue his training under him.

Dharam agrees with his Ustad Ji, however, feels confused about how to get the details about the girl.

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