Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 29th July 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 29th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 29th July 2023 episode starts with Manorama telling Shakti that she has ruined their reputation. 

Meanwhile, Shiv leaves the house praying to Bholenath to save Shakti until she returns. 

Shakti tells Manorama that she did nothing while Manorama pushes her away telling her to not touch her.

Just then, Panditji comes there with tears and sweat all over his face while Manorama and the family rush to her asking him what happened. 

He reveals how the house he had gone to threw him out and humiliated him because of Shakti's news. 

Rhimjim states that she will put this on her story while Manorama tells her to stay shut and not humiliate them further. 

Rhimjim's brother also comes there beaten up just then shocking their family. 

Shiv tells the driver to drive faster while Padma praises Mandira for ruining Shakti's life and putting her in her place. 

Mandira states that now her target is the person who is becoming Shakti's strength, Shiv. 

She asks angrily how dare he humiliate her in front of everyone and talks to Mr. Mehta, another trustee.

Manorama rushes to her son asking him what happened while he reveals how his friends talked ill about Shakti which he could not bear. 

He reveals how they beat him up when he rebuked them for asking for a day with Shakti. 

Shakti cries seeing her family in pain and rushes to him but Manorama tells her to stay away from him. 

She pushes Shakti away and tells her to kill the family so that she can do whatever she wants. 

Rhimjim stops Manorama and tells her that she knows what happened and that Shakti is not at fault. 

Manorama tells her to see how the public has humiliated their family because of Shakti's actions. 

Back at the Kashyap house, Koyal shows Keertan the news and tells her how Shakti manipulated him and used him to get Shiv. 

Keertan states that he will not let a girl use him and leaves deciding to teach her a lesson. 

Back at the Sharma house, Manorama cries saying that she loved Shakti more than her own daughter, and says that she let her go for the interview even after having a bad feeling about it. 

She tells the family to fight for Shakti sarcastically and pushes her while the family cries. 

Panditji cries telling them that he trusts Shakti when he starts having an asthama attack. 

Shakti rushes to him and tells Rhimjim to go and get his pump. 

However, the pump is empty and Shakti asks about the new pump she brought for him while he gets even more worried realizing that he left it at the guest's house. 

Dharam is about to go but Panditji stops him while Shakti decides to go and get it for him. 

Manorama tries to stop her but Shakti says that she cares for her Chachaji more than what the society thinks of her and leaves. 

Elsewhere, Shiv continues talking about Shakti needing to be courageous. 

Shakti leaves her house while the people start talking about her seeing her. 

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