Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 2nd August 2023 episode starts with Mandira calling the minister telling him that it is Shiv who is his enemy and she knows what to do now.  

Meanwhile, Padma's eyes widen on hearing Mandira's plan for Shiv while Mandira puts Padma in her place. 

Shiv thrashes the goons one by one while Shakti watches with astonishment thinking that Dr. Shiv is unstoppable whether he wants to save someone or destroy anyone. 

Just then, Manorma arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Shiv fighting the goons. 

In the meantime, Shakti stops another goon from hitting Shiv from the back telling him that no one can stand against Shiv and Shakti. 

After getting a good beating, the goon requests Shakti to stop her husband or else he will kill them all.

Shakti also realises the truth in the statement and tries to stop him but he continues to beat them until Shakti hugs him tightly and tells him to calm down. 

All the crowd, including Manorma, is shocked to see Shakti’s boldness while Keertan feels angry to see Shakti hugging Shiv again. 

Soon the crown starts to pass vulgar comments about Shiv and Shakti having an affair. 

Meanwhile, Shiv tells them to be quiet and asks them if it would have been their sister or daughter in place of Shakti then also they will say the same. 

He shames them for being mere spectators and not coming forward to help a person in need. 

Telling them about their strengths, Shiv tells all the women that if they all unite, not a single person can stand in front of them.

He tells them to learn to fight for themselves as well as other women before they become a victim too. 

Shiv appeals to their intellect telling them that society is getting worse every day because good people do not raise their voices against bad people.

He tells them to stop feeling cowed by the problem and fight it so that these people realise that they do not stand a chance against them all. 

He even quotes the story of Jatayu who tried to stop Ravan from kidnapping Sita despite knowing that he does not stand a chance against him but he was rewarded eternal life for his one act of bravery. 

He also tells them about Lord Bhishma who was the bravest of the brave and had the power to stop Draupadi’s humiliation by Kaurvas.

However, he chose to stay quiet because of one promise and suffered 58 days of miserable and slow death. 

Shiv tells them to choose who they want to be and who knows the world becomes a better place to live in. 

As Shiv continues to lecture the crowd, Shakti looks at him in awe and admiration while Keertan hopes to send help before Shakti completely falls for him. 

Just then the police arrive at the scene to arrest Shiv while Shakti tells them to arrest the goons who were abusing her. 

On hearing that the inspector is there to arrest Shiv, Shakti tells them that Shiv has saved her.

Other people from the crowd also speak up for Shiv while the inspector tells them to let them do their job.

However, the crowd tells them that they will not behave like Lord Bhishm but Jatayu. 

The inspector lies to the crowd telling them that they are taking Shiv to record his statement and then arrest the goons. 

Shakti also wants to come with Shiv but Manorama drags her home telling her that she does not want her involved in a police case or else no one will marry her. 

Manorama also tells her that Shiv comes from a rich background and will be saved by his family. 

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