Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 6th July 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 6th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shivshakti 6th July 2023 episode starts with Shakti standing in front of Lord Shiv at the hospital and praying for the safety of that child.

Mandira plans to harass Shakti

Mandira watches Shakti praying and asks Kirtan to leave the room as she needs to complete an important work that is due.

Padma also spots Shakti from the window of the cabin and reminds Mandira how Shakti insulted her in front of everyone at the temple.

Mandira says that there were approximately 100 to 200 people present at the temple but this time she will make sure that Shakti gets insulted in front of the whole Banaras.

Padma gets excited to hear Mandira's plan and asks her what she is planning to do while Shakti tells Mahadev that the child should not get punished for her immature deeds.

Shakti says that she has committed a mistake but leaving the child to die there would be a sin so she did what she could in that situation.

Blaming Shiv for freezing there even though he is a doctor, Shakti says that nothing bad would have happened if Shiv did his work as a doctor.

Meanwhile, Shiv enters the hospital and spots Shakti's back as she prays to Mahadev which brings a smile to Shiv's face immediately.

Shiv walks toward Shakti but gets called by another doctor, making him face the opposite side and Shakti sees only his back.

Rimjhim comes and asks Shakti to follow her as Manorama is bubbling in anger after which Shiv turns around and sees that no one is there in front of Mahadev.

Kirtan takes away the credit

Mandira and Padma get cocky as they have called the media to accuse Shakti of murdering the kid in front of everyone and wait for the doctor to come out.

However, the doctor comes out and says that the child is absolutely fine which fails Mandira's plan and she gets pissed.

The media comes to the doctor and asks about the child to which he replies that the child is fine now and the doctor who did the emergency surgery deserves the credit.

Rimjhim praises Shakti for doing the job on the spot while Mandira pushes Dr Kirtan to the media and says that he is the one who saved the child.

Dr Kirtan takes all the credit which leaves Shakti shocked and Rimjhim says that she is going to expose the truth but Shakti stops her from doing so.

Shakti leaves from there and gets stopped by Dr Kirtan who says that Shakti should not act cold to him as he likes her.

Kirtan takes Shakti's phone and proceeds to save his number but Shakti snatches her phone and warns him not to get close to her as he is not even a good person.

As Shakti leaves, Kirtan says that he finds Shakti's anger beautiful and has fallen in love with her due to her temperament.

Shakti spots Shiv making the child laugh by creating shadows of animals while reciting a story and proceeds to open the door when Manorama drags her away.

Manorama scolds Shakti for roaming around but Shakti says that they should go home and she would come after she meets the child once.

Mandira insults Shakti in front of everyone

As Shakti says that Mandira is present at the hospital, Manorama hides her face and leaves the hospital with everyone.

However, Shakti finds the doctor gone from the room when she enters but gets cheered up as the child thanks her and gifts her chocolate.

At the request of the child and his mother, Shakti wears the doctor coat of Shiv while Shiv watches from outside the room and gets happy as Shakti deserves it.

After Shakti comes out of the room, Mandira bumps into her and says that even though Shakti is talented, she should not see dreams higher than her status.

Shakti says that Mandira's son does not even have the brains to be a doctor and Mandira must have gifted the degree to him as her love.

Mandira gets angry and starts screaming at Shakti as she notices she is wearing Shiv's doctor coat.

Further, Mandira says that Shakti is not even worth a speck of dirt in front of Dr Shiv and announces that she will make sure that Shakti never gets to become a doctor in her life.

Shakti cries as Mandira snatches away the coat from her and gets shocked as Shiv taps her on her shoulder and smiles at her.

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