Radha Krishna Written Update 11th January 2020: Krishna-Balram on a mission

Radha Krishna Written Update 11th January 2020: Krishna-Balram on a mission

Radha Krishna 11th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 11 Jan episode starts with Jarasandh being sure that Krishna can’t beat his plan. Meanwhile, Krishna is suspicious of the mountain path and they change their path.

Jarasandh knows Krishna will not be able to see anyone in danger and decides to pt Agni Chakra around his own army. Balram asks Krishna to leave while Krishna is adamant to save every human.

Jarasandh asks Rukmi and Shishupal to burn the whole mountain to kill Krishna. Jarasandh is confident about his plan while Krishna wishes to make a bridge.

They both make a bridge using big rocks to save the army from the fire. Krishna says they will succeed in the next step as well. Meanwhile, Jarasandh decides to celebrate the death of Krishna.

Rukmini overhears this and gets upset. Elsewhere, Radha learns from Ayan that Krishna is trapped on a mountain surrounded by fire.

Radha declares that Krishna is safe while Ayan continues to mock her. At the same time, Balram is worried about the fire while Krishna calls the ocean god.

The ocean god arrives and puts off the fire using its water. Krishna also wishes to build a place and asks for an ocean god’s help. Ocean god gives the most beautiful place in the oceans.

Krishna declares that the place will be called Dwarka. Krishna is further sure that the army will support them while he proves right.

The written update of 11 January 2020 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Krishna plans on building the divine place while Jarasandh is adamant to kill Krishna.

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