Radha Krishna Written Update 12th October 2019: Ram-Raavan intense battle

Radha Krishna Written Update 12th October 2019: Ram-Raavan intense battle

Radha Krishna 12th October 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 12 Oct episode starts with Sidheshwar getting introduced in Barsana. He asks for food and Krishna explains why they can’t give food to him.

Sidheshwar gets angry about women’s absence and later asks Krishna for his next step. Balram blames Ayan for manipulating other men.

Balram and Krishna offer to make food while Sidheshwar agrees to eat. Meanwhile, Radha starts telling the tale of Ram and Ravan epic battle to other ladies.

Ravan challenges Ram while Ram and Lakshman are also adamant to get Sita back. Ram gives once last chance but Raavan refuses to give up.

Ram removes Raavan’s head by using an arrow but another head grows on Ravan’s head. Raavan then shows his ten faced form to Ram.

Radha further tells that it was impossible to kill Raavan as he had Amrit Kalash in his stomach. Also, Vibhishan told Lord Ram to put arrow in his stomach.

Later, Ram puts arrow in Raavan’s stomach by taking Sita’s name. Raavan gets killed while Ram reunites with his wife, Sita.

Ram and Sita return Ayodhya and give blessings to Hanuman. Lord Hanuman then shows the picture of Ram and Sita in his heart.

Radha says they should think about important men in their lives to create a love bridge. Krishna also remembers Radha and starts preparing food.

The written update of 12 October 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Krishna asks Radha what she will do if attacked by 8 Asurs. 

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