Radha Krishna Written Update 1st February 2020: Krishna saves Rukmini

Radha Krishna Written Update 1st February 2020: Krishna saves Rukmini

Radha Krishna 1st February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 1 Feb episode starts with Balram telling Rukmini that Radha didn’t drown in the Yamuna. Rukmini gets excited and leaves for some work.

Rukmini decides to go to the Yamuna and prove that Krishna loves him. Radha arrives and wants Rukmini to get away from the shore. Rukmini asks her about Krishna’s loved ones not drowning in the river.

Rukmini jumps in the Yamuna while Radha prays Krishna to save her life. Krishna comes out of the river with Rukmini in his arms.

Not everyone can see Krishna saving Rukmini and think the Yamuna saved her. Rukmini gets really happy while Radha decides to teach her the meaning of true love.

Later, Balram comes to meet Krishna and realizes his mistake. Krishna reveals that Rukmini will change and will teach something new to the world.

Kutila praises Rukmini for her act while Radha asks her not to get happy. She tries to teach Rukmini the real meaning of love as she is going to marry Krishna.

Radha doesn’t want her to compare her love with others. Rukmini doesn’t agree with her and still believes that she is most important for Krishna.

Krishna sends a message to Barsana while Kutila decides to instigate Rukmini against Radha. Later, she tells Rukmini that Krishna used to call Radha by playing Basuri.

Rukmini enquires about Krishna’s Basuri while Radha reveals that it is broken. Radha joins the Basuri with Krishna’s help.

The written update of 1 February 2020 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Rukmini marries Krishna and sees Radha in his eyes.

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