Radha Krishna Written Update 1st June 2019

Radha Krishna Written Update 1st June 2019

Radha Krishna 1st June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 1 Jun episode starts with Radha and Krishna. They both are waiting for their wedding date to get finalized. The Pandit couldn’t find a date in the next three months.

Pandit Ji stated after ten days the time is not right for marriage. Radha prompts that they can arrange the marriage in 10 days. All smirk at Radha for her silliness.

Dau takes responsibility on his shoulders. Radha and Krishna get elated with their wedding news.

Jateli and Ayaan inform Kans about Radha and Krishna’s marriage. Kans says he would Jateli and Ayaan alive. Jateli says if Kans postpones the marriage for the next 10 days, then they would get a good time to cancel their wedding. Kans agrees with Jateli’s solution.

Meanwhile, Krishna visits Kailash and invites Mahadev.

Kans takes Jateli and Ayaan along with him in search of an Asur to stop Krishna and Radha’s wedding. Kans finds a deadly Asur. He warns the Asur from Krishna and asks him to act cunningly. Jateli asks the Asur to give a demo of his powers. The Asur shifts his shape and dons Jateli’s form.

Krishi climbs up to Radha’s room. Radha asks Krishna why he is sneaking in her room. Krishna says it is the last opportunity for him to sneak in as he will soon become her husband.

The written update of 1 June 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

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