Radha Krishna Written Update 29th February 2020: Krishna's strange experience

Radha Krishna Written Update 29th February 2020: Krishna's strange experience

Radha Krishna 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 29 Feb episode starts with Radha giving food to Krishna and Balram for their travel. Rukmini wants to know why Krishna is going to prove himself.

Rukmini asks Krishna to take the army while Krishna asks her to not worry at all. Krishna tells Balram that Rukmini needs to understand that tension is bad for any problem.

Satyabhama asks the servants to bring good products for her makeup. Rukmini gets upset with Satyabhama for caring about her beauty instead of Krishna.

Satyabhama wants to use her beauty to fight battles and insults Rukmini for not being beautiful. Rukmini gets worried while Radha assures her that Krishna will handle everything.

Krishna starts eating while Balram gets upset with him for not concentrating on work. He eats all the food and later they find some footprints and follow them.

Rukmini decides to call his father and ask for help. She even wishes to call her brother Rukmi. Meanwhile, Rukmi is apologizing but still wants to take revenge.

Rukmini’s father sends Rukmi for protecting Dwarka while Rukmi has not realized his mistake and wants to seek revenge.

Krishna and Balram find some people dead and deduce that someone has killed them. Elsewhere, Rukmi asks a servant to send the message to Jarasandh that Krishna and Balram are not in Dwarka.

He wishes to send a gift and letter to Rukmini. Meanwhile, Krishna finds a light coming from a direction and then find the Ratna with a girl.

Rukmini receives a letter and gift from his father. However, it is sent from Rukmi and the letter reads that they have to open the gift on special occasion only.

The girl with Ratna enters a cave and Krishna asks Balram to not go inside as he feels someone’s presence.

The written update of 29 February 2020 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Krishna tells Balram about Jamwant and says a big war is awaiting. 

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