Radha Krishna Written Update 29th June 2019: Krishna meets Sage Durvasa

Radha Krishna Written Update 29th June 2019: Krishna meets Sage Durvasa

Radha Krishna 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's RadhaKrishna 29 Jun episode starts with 

Sage Durvasa getting delighted to find the perfect place for his meditation. He announces he will meditate till Gurupurnima.

Krishna, Radha and Ayan get this information. Krishna is not ready to wait 11 days for Sage Durvasa but is told if he doesn’t obey he will get punished. Krishna is somewhat still amused by this.

Ayan announces they are ready to wait for Sage Durvasa. Radha and Krishna agree.

Each of them is told to follow Brahmacharya and follow the rules of Ashram otherwise the result will not be good.

Later, Krishna comes searching for butter in Radha’s hut. Krishna’s wordings makes Radha realise their stay for 11 days was his plan. She gets upset with him. Krishna just smiles looking at her with affection. Radha hides her feelings but gives him butter.

Next morning, three of them are ordered to collect material for Sadhupchaar Vidhi. Ayan has some other plans and tries to convince priests to let only him and Radha do the collection for Pooja.

On Ayan’s suggestion, Krishna is sent to the peak for the protection of Sage Durvasa’s meditation. Radha is upset with the decision.

Meanwhile, Kans is delighted with his plan and is overconfident about it. He states Krishna will soon be in a dilemma of protecting either Radha or Sage Durvasa.

Krishna’s arrival on the peak gets Sage Durvasa out of his meditation. He recognises the true form of Krishna and pleads him to protect his meditation from getting interrupted.

Krishna tells him to follow his rules and curse him if he makes any mistakes.

Ayan and Radha are told to make a seat by the priests before they come back. Ayan leaves to get grass.

Radha gets worried about making the seat and pleads lord Narayan to help her. At the same time, Krishna comes with grass.

Radha thinks Ayan has kept the grass their and starts making the seat, unaware of the presence of Krishna behind her. Krishna reveals his presence after the seat is made.

The written update of 29 June 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

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