Radha Mohan 10th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th April 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 10th April 2023 episode starts with the employees accusing Damini of being cruel, claiming that their sole responsibility is to throw Radha out of the office rather than murder her.

Tulsi holds Damini's hair tightly as she leaves her cabin, and Damini asks Nikhil to keep a careful check on Radha and observe her every move.

She erupts in rage as she considers Damini's harshness to Radha and her determination to destroy her.

Tulsi then slaps Damini hard on the left and right, and the employees are perplexed and ask what she is doing.

Damini claims that her neck hurts from exercising, while Tulsi grabs Damini's hair and brings her to a separate space to teach her a lesson.

Meanwhile, Gayatri looks after Radha and leaves to get some water, while Radha is concerned that Tulsi will exact revenge on Damini in the office.

Tulsi continues to press forcefully on Damini's face and kick loudly on her knee, but Damini remains adamant and determines to continue hurting Radha.

Hearing this, Tulsi gets angry and grabs Damini’s throat.

Mohan then contacts the workplace, and when Gayatri answers the phone, she inquires about the caller's name.

He starts cracking jokes, and when she hands Radha the phone, Mohan asks how things are going in the office.

Radha recalls how everyone in the office teased her, and when she turns her head, she watches Damini's hand twisting on its own and realizes that Tulsi is punishing her.

She avoids the call and runs to prevent Tulsi from harming Damini.

Radha begs Tulsi to stop beating Damini, but Damini seizes the opportunity to flee and appear in front of the staff, preventing Tulsi from using her abilities on her.

Meanwhile, seeing his and Tulsi's wedding photo frame, he recalls the day when Tulsi tried to warn Mohan of Damini's actions while Radha insisted on joining the office.

He wonders if Radha wants to be like Kadambari or if she is joining the office for some other reason.

Meanwhile, when Tulsi observes Damini fleeing, she uses her superpowers to pick up a vase, and the vase begins chasing after Damini.

The vase stops outside the door as Damini enters the cabin, and Radha suspects why Tulsi is unable to enter Damini's chamber.

Radha considers all that has happened since the locker secret and decides that the secret for which she joined the office is actually held within Damini's cabin.

Mohan, on the other hand, is concerned about losing Radha like Tulsi and decides to speak with her about it.

Gungun notices Mohan and asks that they do something for Radha in return for the way she looks after them.

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