Radha Mohan 10th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug convincing Dadi to stay for a few days more as he adds that there is a surprise for her coming tomorrow.

Radhika asks her to stay more as she hasn’t talked to Baba properly while Yug says that if she had said this sweetly to him then he would have given his life as she yes.

Just then, Baba comes saying that he cannot stay as there is no priest in the village for the pooja of the temple.

Radha says that she won’t stop him if he needs to go but asks Dadi to stay.

He goes to prepare the room for her while he thanks Dadi for giving a smile to Radhika.

She says that Radhika was happy before too and keeps a record of everyone’s happiness and sadness and adds that all matters for for her is for Radhika to stay happy.

She leaves while Yug gets furious but Poonam calms him down saying Radhika will not like this and if he causes any pain to her then Radhika’s love will vanish for him.

On the other hand, Mohan gets greedy for the registry and realizes that he forgot to take his photographs when the bell rings.

Gungun attends the door and a delivery guy gives her some food as her plan to stop Mohan from going.

Meanwhile, Radha is preparing for Mohan and Meera when Yug comes and flirts with her while Gungun asks to accompany them to the registry which makes him ask what happened to her overnight.

She goes along with them.

Concurrently, Radha talks to someone on the phone in the room when Yug locks her from the outside as Mohan and everyone is on their way to Yug’s place while Gungun thinks that she will not let him meet Radhha and asks for his phone to play the song.

Subsequently, Yug gives a newspaper to Dadi and makes her sit on the sofa, and says that he will bring her tea while his psychotic behavior scares Dadi.

He gets up and asks if she will sit and relax here while he makes tea and asks her to accompany him to the kitchen.

He takes her to the kitchen while Mohan comes enjoying the songs when he says to Gungun that her taste is just like her father's Gungun texts something to Yug and before proceeding to the next step she whispers sorry to Mohan while he asks her if she said something.

She says I love you to him which makes him happy.

Back at Yug’s place, he takes Dadi to the kitchen and makes tea.

She offers to help her but he refuses and finally serves her the tea and she drinks it.

She is scared of him as he has a knife in his hands and brushes it on her hand saying it is sharp.

He further adds that he loves Radha a lot he will add poison to the tea of the person who comes between them just kike he added to hers.

She spills the tea while Gungun eats mushrooms knowing that she is allergic to it and Meera sees it.

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