Radha Mohan 10th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th June 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 10th June 2023 episode starts with Trivedi family members standing inside the temple.

Gungun pleads Mooshak (the mouse) to tell her where Radha is.

Suddenly, the mouse slips away from Gungun’s hands and starts crawling in a specific direction.

Everyone follows the mouse, but Kaveri stays back and calls Damini to ask her if she’s done getting rid of Radha.

Damini replies that she couldn’t even get to Radha as there is a cow in her way, which is restricting her to move freely.

Kaveri is worried that Mohan will find Radha but Damini assures her that she won't let it happen.

Damini then manages to get rid of the cow and gets away from that place.

Meanwhile, the mouse is found to be entering a cold storage that is locked.

Kadambari asks Mohan to call the owner of the cold storage, but Damini replies saying that there is no use in doing so and that they shouldn’t follow a mouse.

Mohan can sense that Radha is inside, so he tries breaking the lock with a rock while Kadambari screams in fear as Mohan's hand can get hurt too.

The lock is broken and they search for Radha while Gungun sees that the mouse is trying to go beneath a few boxes.

She then asks Mohan to look in that direction.

While everyone is distracted searching for Radha, Rahul warns Damini saying that if Radha confesses about everything then his name should better not be involved in this.

Finally, Mohan finds Radha in an unconscious state and they quickly call for an ambulance.

Mohan notices the button of his shirt in Radha’s hands and understands that Radha wanted to come to him but somehow couldn’t.

Radha is unresponsive and everyone gets worried about her.

However, Damini is happy because she thinks Radha might be dead already.

Mohan begs Radha to wake up but Damini tries to convince him that she is dead.

However, Mohan gets get a glimpse of when he was listening to Radha reciting a story.

In the flashback, Radha told him a story was about a princess who was dead but her parents refused to bury her, so they preserved her body in a glass box.

A charming prince passed by her body and fell in love with her.

Unfortunately, he got to know that the princess was dead so he went and kissed her. 

The moral of the story was that love holds great power and it could even bring a lifeless person back to life if you truly love that person.

Keeping Radha’s story in mind, Mohan leans forward to kiss Radha but she stops him mid-way.

Everyone gets extremely happy to find out that she is alive but at the same time Kaveri, Damini, and Rahul get worried seeing her in a stable condition.

Radha murmurs to Mohan that she doesn’t want her love story to be like this and that she has finally found her ideal man.

Later, all the family members and Mohan rushes Radha to the hospital and Gungun thanks the Mooshak devotedly who helped them find Radha.

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