Radha Mohan 10th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha coming out of the class while Ajeet saying to her that she shouldn't do rash driving after which Radha requests to the police to leave Mohan.

Meanwhile, the inspector says that Radha is the one who filed the complaint against Mohan and now asking them to leave him while Mohan asks in shock that if Radha has filed case against him after which Radha agrees.

A flashback shown, where Radha calls the police when Mohan was telling his story while back to the reality Radha says to the inspector that yes she had filed the complain against Mohan but now she wants to take it back.

After that, the inspector scolds her that the police isn't the joke and Radha shouldn't have filed the complain if she wanted to take it back while Radha says that she is sorry but due to Mohan his family is troubled also he has two kids in his family and if he gets arrested then it'll affect them badly.

She adds, she doesn't want Mohan's family to suffer the punishment of his deeds after which the inspector makes Mohan release and warns Radha to not make fake complain again.

There, Mohan asks Radha if she has made complain against him while Radha says yes and says that it's for giving him a warning that he should stay away from her and family.

After that, she says that if Mohan tries to intervene in her life again then she'll make him jail again while Mohan gives her a threat that he would tell Yug about her which triggers Radha.

On the other hand, Yug forces Poonam to tell him what she and Radha were discussing which should be hidden to him also where is Radha but Poonam says she doesn't know about it.

Meanwhile, Radha scolds Mohan and warns everyone to keep Mohan away from her otherwise, it won't be good then Ajeet made Mohan sit in the car with Gungun where Mohan murmurs Radha is a cheater.

Further, Ketki says she wants to keep Mohan away from her from the start also blames Radha for Mohan's condition as he has drunken alcohol first time due to her.

However, Radha says she never cheated on Mohan but left him after telling him and it's him who can't see her happy now.

Later, Yug makes Poonam run on the treadmill to torcher her until she spills the truth which makes Poonam dizzy while Radha finds herself in a turmoil that how can she choose her old love in front of her duty towards Yug.

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