Radha Mohan 11th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th April 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 11th April 2023 episode starts with Tulsi agreeing with Radha's assumption that the mystery of Tulsi's murder is held inside Damini's cabin.

She approaches Damini's cabin and asks Damini what she is hiding within her cabin that Tulsi is unable to enter.

Radha starts compelling Damini to allow her inside the cabin, but Damini pushes her, causing her to fall, and criticize her for forcing her into her cabin.

Damini chastises Radha, claiming that her standard is nothing in comparison to the people who work so hard.

She then refers to her as a gold-digger, and the employees dub Radha "fancy dress behenji."

Kadambari, on the other hand, appears and inquires as to what is going on.

Meanwhile, Ajit and Kekti witness Mohan driving a cart and Gungun standing on it in the mansion.

Mohan claims to be planning a surprise for Radha, but Kaveri deems Radha a villain and asks him not to make any efforts for her.

When Gungun notices Mohan blushing, she states that Mohan and Radha are in love and that he is smiling because he is thinking about her.

Kaveri, on the other hand, is determined to put an end to Radha and Mohan's story.

In the office, Damini complains to Kadambari that Radha is trying to push her way into her cabin, to which Kadambari raises her eyebrows and asks Radha why she wanted to go inside the cabin.

Radha recalls how Kadambari did not believe her remarks when she attempted to gain access to the locker secret, so she claimed hastily that she wanted a pen so...

However, Kadambari allows Radha to leave, but Damini interrupts and insists that Radha apologize to her.

Radha apologizes to Damini, and Kadambari kindly requests that she take her stuff as they prepare to depart for home.

Kadambari then summons Damini inside the cabin and demands an explanation for her unpleasant behavior with Radha.

Damini attempts to defend herself by arguing that she must preserve decorum, but Kadambari shuts her down and refuses to teach her about decorum.

Meanwhile, Radha is walking through the office when everyone glances at her and begins making fun of her again.

As she picks up her luggage, Radha recalls all of Gungun and Mohan's motivational words prior to going to the office. 

She suddenly recalls all of Damini's severe treatment and collapses in her chair, sobbing.

Tulsi blames herself for bringing Radha into the trap hole after seeing her in such a state.

She then resolves to give Damini a harsh lesson once she returns home.

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