Radha Mohan 11th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Gungun eating mushrooms from the chips packet secretly and when Meera asks her to share snacks she refuses.

After that, her health deteriorates as she gets allergy attacks which makes Mohan shocked while Dadi coughs after drinking tea, and Radha comes there worrying for Dadi.

However, Yug assures her that there is nothing serious as Dadi is just coughing while Radha complains someone locked her room from the outside after which Yug says he did it but then covers it up blaming Manan.

Just then, Radha gets a call from work, and she goes from there while Dadi tries to call her back but Yug says that Radha won't come back thus she should spend time with him and takes more tea in the cup then takes Dadi in the hall.

There, Mohan stops the car and makes Gungun sit at a roadside bench while the chips packet falls on the road and Mohan gives Gungun medicine of her allergy.

Meanwhile, Gungun asks Mohan that if he had medicine in the car only then Mohan says that he always keeps her allergy medicine.

Further, Meera notices chips packet on the road which Gungun was eating and finds mushroom inside it which makes Mohan shocked as they don't buy mushroom due to Gungun's allergy while Gungun looks worried.

On the other hand, Yug torchers Dadi to drink tea and force her to praise the tea then adds extra suger in the tea and make her drink that.

Later, he asks Dadi to go and sleep in the room as the house buyers (Mohan's family) are coming and she shouldn't come in front of them.

However, Dadi doesn't want to sleep but had to agree because of Yug while Meera checks Gungun's hands which are coated in spices and then Mohan remembers a past incident when Gungun had eaten mushroom deliberately.

After that, he asks Gungun that if she deliberately purchased mushrooms to stop their registry and scolds her for risking her life for her stubbornness.

Further, he blames Radha for making Gungun stubborn and then leaving her on him while Yug gets irritated waiting for Mohan and his family after which Radha calms him down and asks him to call Mohan.

Just then, Yug notices a message from Mohan that they aren't interested in buying house and won't meet them which makes Yug irked but Radha understands by message's tone that it's written by some kid.

Meanwhile, Yug says she is such a spoilt brat if it's sent by Mohan's daughter after which Radha thinks that maybe she is scared because she did accident of her.

There, Mohan says that Gungun keeps makes him remember Radha by doing such acts but he won't bow down in front of his stubbornness and will do registry of the house.

On the other hand, Radha asks Yug to call Mohan after which Mohan says they are coming over there after knowing about Gungun's message while Yug gets impressed that Radha guessed right.

Yug adds, Gungun is spoilt brat while Radha says it's not like that but Gungun needs right guidance which she will give to her as they are going to be neighbors.

Further, she gets excited to meet Mohan and his family just then she gets a call from the office for her show and decides to go there signing the property papers but she fails to see Mohan's image there.

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