Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 episode starts with Kadambari insulting Damini when she gets imprisoned.

According to Kadambari, Damini has such a strong desire to possess Mohan that she is willing to steal everything from Radha.

She continues by saying that Damini is getting the treatment that she deserves as she manipulated others, lied to them, and even intimidated Kadambari in an effort to take Mohan and make him her husband.

She compares Damini with Radha, saying that Radha came to the police station and looked for Kadambari despite Kadambari saying many hurtful things to her.

Meanwhile, Damini continued to look for Kadambari to be arrested while doing nothing.

However, as they are leaving, Kadambari asks Kaveri if she wants to stay and support Damini or return home, to which Kaveri responds that while everyone today believes Damini is guilty, she knows her daughter has done nothing wrong.

She tells Kadambari to go home, while she stays back.

As Kadambari and Radha depart, Kaveri approaches Damini and inquires whether their plan will be successful this time.

Damini assures Kaveri that Mohan and Kadambari will throw Radha out of the mansion this time, and their plan will be a complete success.

Meanwhile, Kadambari and Radha return home, and Gungun runs towards Radha and hugs her tightly.

When Kekti sees Kadambari, she becomes emotional and asks whether she's alright.

While Gungun questions Radha about why she ate the poisonous kheer, Radha responds that Mohan would have eaten if she hadn't, and she can't let Mohan put his life in danger.

When Kadambari hears this, she grabs Radha's hand and praises her for being Mohan's loyal partner and for putting Mohan's needs above her own.

Trivedi ji appears and promises Kadambari that everything will be alright in the end while expressing that he still finds it hard to believe that Damini is capable of such wicked acts.

Gungun orders that she doesn’t want Damini in this house again and tells everyone to form a circle and celebrate the wonderful reunion of their family.

Later, when Gungun is lying on Radha's lap, she admits that she was terrified when Mohan took Radha to the hospital and wondered if she would lose Radha the same way she lost Tulsi.

While feeding Gungun food, Radha assures her that she will remain at her side through all circumstances till Gungun marries and has adorable children.

When Kekti enters the room, she tells the tale of Devika, who was forced to live apart from her children by the Norwegian government because they believed she lacked responsibility.

Kekti goes on to add that Devika fought for her children and got justice, and Kekti advises Radha and Gungun to see the movie as well.

Meanwhile, the police officer tells Mohan to leave the police station and go home as all the formalities have been completed and Damini would be presented in court on Monday.

Damini calls Mohan as he walks by and begs him to believe her.

Mohan responds by calling Damini a scam girl who attempted to kill her own husband, but Damini interrupts him, saying that before he continues, she wants to display something,

Afterward, Damini approaches Kaveri and requests that she shows Mohan the video in order to prove her innocence.

Mohan watches the video of Kekti where Radha is seen emerging from the kitchen and silently leaving the kitchen.

Mohan is astonished and gets enraged by Radha's sinister tactics.

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