Radha Mohan 11th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Kadambari saying to Tulsi that if Gungun wakes up and tells the whole incident then their game will be over.

Then, she adds that until Radha is with Gungun they can't kill Gungun and that's why they have to separate them first.

Further, Kadambari shows care to Gungun while Radha is angry with her, to which Mohan asks Radha that first they should take Gungun to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Tulsi interrupts and says Radha won't go with Gungun and Kadambari supports her saying Radha is a threat to the family.

There, Ketki makes Kaveri arrest for trying to murder Vishwanath while Kaveri requests Ketki to not make her arrest but in vain and she gets arrested.

On the other hand, Kadambari calls mental asylum staff to take Radha while Mohan takes Gungun to the jeep to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Radha tries to go to Gungun but Kadambari stops her and acts to be good but then whispers in Radha's ear that as Radha goes to the mental asylum she'll kill Gungun in the meantime.

Further, she states that Radha even won't get to see Gungun's dead body which angers Radha and she slaps Kadambari hard.

After that, Mohan and Tulsi come to Radha running and Mohan is about to slap Radha but stops, while Radha asks Mohan to go ahead and slap her as it's ok to have such a reaction if someone slaps one's mother.

She adds, that Kadambari is an evil mother, and Tulsi and Kadambari are after Gungun's life thus she can't leave Gungun with them.

Meanwhile, Mohan says that she has slapped his mother Kadambari, to which Radha says she has done right while Mohan says it's wrong and says that he always supported Radha and even gave her two chances to prove Tulsi is Damini, but she can't and then she misbehaved with his parents.

He adds, that Radha wasn't like that and has become mad, to which Radha says she is mad to love Mohan, leave her family for him, marry him against his will for Gungun, bearing his hate, and consider his daughter as hers also for saving Gungun always.

After that, she says she was wrong to trust Mohan and that he won't leave her ever but he doesn't trust her and breaks his vows.

She adds, how can Mohan think she can try to kill Vishwanath? 

Meanwhile, Mohan says he wants to trust Radha but can't ignore the truth, to which Radha says let's assume she is wrong but if he still supports her.

However, Mohan stays silent and Radha says she got her answer that Mohan doesn't love her the much as she does, she says that she wouldn't have left Mohan even if he had been wrong but Mohan left her.

She adds, that from today she is giving Gungun's responsibility to Mohan and he has to swear to god that he won't ever leave Gungun alone as Kadambari and Tulsi are threats to her, and if anything happens to Gungun Radha will blame Mohan only.

Meanwhile, Mohan tries to explain to her but she says today she won't listen to Mohan as she lost everything for Mohan but today she'll choose her self-respect and declares to leave Mohan.

Further, Radha walks away returning the nuptial chain to Mohan.

The end. Thanks for reading.

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