Radha Mohan 11th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha thinking that she can't sit calmly and she has to go school to find Manan, just then she realized that she says school and thinks that if Manan is missing from the school then there is a possibility that he is in school only.

After that, she goes to search Manan while Poonam overhears it and thinks to talk with Radha but then stops herself thinking that she should let go Radha as she might get any clue to reach Manan from the school and he might get saved.

On the other hand, Ketki talks with Meera about Mohan that he has gone mad after finding Manan nor he is eating food or having a sleep.

She expresses her disappointment saying Mohan even has gone to Sodhi's house in the midnight, he could have gone in the morning there, as there is going to be morning soon and none has sleepen.

Meanwhile, Gungun overhears it and thinks that Ketki won't let her go to the school if she asks that too in the midnight and she doesn't even have time to argue with her.

Further, she decides that she has to go to the school at any cost if Manan is there and escape from the house secretly.

After that, Radha and Gungun share a hit-and-miss moment in the traffic while Mohan comes to Sodhi's house where he gets to know that Sodhi has been attacked by someone.

He concludes that someone has listened his, Sodhi, and Yug's conversation outside the school thus it happened.

However, he asks to an injured Sodhi that if he knows where is Manan after which he murmurs that he is inside the school with great difficulty.

After that, Mohan understands Manan is in school while it's revealed that Yug attacked Sodhi and he thinks that now Mohan can't do anything.

Further, he comes back home and calls for Radha as he didn't get any answer he starts to search for Radha while Manan is scared of the dark and thinks how once Radha had consoled him when he was afraid of the dark.

He remembers her advice of reciting Hanuman Chalisa whenever he is afraid of the dark and Manan does the same after which he sleeps.

Meanwhile, Radha comes to the school and unlocks Manan from the classroom to take him back after which it turns out as Manan's dream.

There, Yug asks Poonam that where is Radha while Poonam tries to lie to him fumbling but Yug decodes it and scares her to tell him the truth.

He gets shocked to know that Radha has gone to the school while Radha comes to the school and blames herself for her irresponsible behaviour towards Manan and prays to the god to make her meet Manan.

On the other hand, Champi the dog listens Radha's scream for Manan and wakes up Manan by barking after which Champi goes to find Radha while Manan thinks Champi left him.

Further, he sees a gap above on the roof as a lizard goes there and thinks to check there so he arranges the bench while Mohan calls Yug to tell him that Manan might be in the school.

After that, Yug decides to do something to stop Radha and Mohan from finding Manan.

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