Radha Mohan 11th November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 11th November 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 11th November 2023 episode starts with Bunty spying on Radha packing her Bake Bihari Bag and thinking to himself that it will be the reason for her doom.

Mohan comes and asks if Bunty is making fun of Radha’s faith. Bunty nervously says no and leaves.

Radha angrily asks Mohan why is he scaring him to which Mohan says that since she has come to the house, people have stopped fearing him.

Radha says that she was never scared of him but instead, he was scared of her when she used to act like the ghost Shanu.

Mohan changes the subject and says that they should sleep and hugs Radha.

Meanwhile, Bunty mutters to himself that Mohan will find out what fear is tomorrow on the flight.

In an abandoned room, Dulari is worried because Rahul is also abducted by Mr. X/

Back at the Trivedi house, Radha comes in with packed tiffin but Mohan tells her that they will be served food on the flight.

Radha asks if vegetarian food will be served or not to which Kadambari replies that they will get everything.

Bunty comes in crying and tells the Trivedi family that he just received a phone call from his village and found out that his mother is very sick.

Ajeet tells them that he will take care of anything and they should let Bunty go while the rest three go to America.

Back at an abandoned room in the Trivedi Mansion, Dulari thinks of ways to wake Rahul up because if he does not wake up then the family will suffer a lot.

She struggles to untie herself when Rahul wakes up and looks at Dulari.

Rahul crawls towards the window and tries to open its shade.

Mohan feels the shadow of the curtains falling on his cheeks but Kekti distracts him by giving him her shopping list.

Dulari and Rahul are still trying to open the window but it is very hard because their hands are tied.

Radha, Mohan, Kadambari, and Gungun bid farewells to everyone.

Radha notices the window that Rahul and Dulari are trying to open and feels that someone is in the room.

Mohan calls her inside the car otherwise they will miss their flight.

Radha excitedly leaves with Mohan for the airport.

On reaching the airport, Gungun tells Mohan that they will go to the Statue of Liberty, Sea World, and Disney land when he spots his family priest who is also traveling by the same flight.

They are standing on the check-in list when an old man and a sick woman start coughing behind them.

Gungun asks Radha to let them check in first.

Radha watches a pregnant couple and tells Mohan that they remind her of Ketki.

Soon Mohan’s priest spots a Maulvi (a Muslim Religious Scholar) and asks what is he doing there and now because of him he has to sprinkle the holy water from the river Ganga in the plane.

Mohan asks if he knows him to which the priest replies yes and that too very well.

Bunty and the other 3 goons are almost ready to begin this mission Happy Diwali dressed up as a manager, a passenger, and security. Their fourth companion has already boarded the flight.

Meanwhile, Gungun runs to buy herself an ice cream alone and gets bumped into Bunty.

She recognizes him as he looks at her nervously.

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