Radha Mohan 12th April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha signs on the registry papers and then is about to go to the office, after which she is about to see Mohan's image but Yug comes in the middle and asks her what happened.

Meanwhile, Radha covers it up and says that she'll also go to take Manan's result today so she is tensed after which Yug jokes with her and she leaves.

There, Mohan says that he doesn't like to be late but he is late due to Gungun and says that sharing opinions are good but Gungun should stop being stubborn.

After that, Meera says that if Gungun is insisting that much then she would've valid reason for it so maybe they shouldn't buy that house but Mohab gets firm to buy the house as if he doesn't Gungun will always blackmail him to fulfill her demands thus he doesn't want to regret after spoiling her.

On the other hand, Radha thinks she isn't feeling like going to the office today but goes from there anyway, after which Yug continues to trouble Dadi and massages her feet in a manner that she feels pain.

Further, he asks Dadi to pretend to sleep and doesn't open the eyes at any cost after which he decreases the temperature of A.C and leaves after taking duvet from Dadi while she feels cold.

Meanwhile, Radha and Mohan share a hit-and-miss moment in the meantime, Gungun is thinking that what if Radha and Mohan meet.

After that, Mohan reaches Yug's home and goes inside while Gungun keeps standing out getting tensed thinking Radha and Mohan shouldn't meet.

There, Radha also comes back home to meet Mohan & family and finds Gungun outside of the house.

Just then, Radha comes to Gungun while she gets shocked to see her after which Radha asks if Gungun doesn't wanted to come there.

However, Gungun lies that it's not like that but Radha asks her to not lie as she has seen the message shr sent on Yug's phone.

She adds, that she had been tried to make Gungun understand to not lie and tell Mohan the truth about accident but she didn't take lesson and lying even more.

After that, Radha says she didn't even complain about her to Mohan then why she isn't understanding while Gungun tries to covers it up after which Radha asks her to not lie as she is a mother and can understand her well.

Further, she decides to go and meet Mohan but just then gets a call from the office so she states Gungun is lucky but soon she'll meet Mohan and Gungun can't stop that which makes Gungun tensed.

Meanwhile, Mohan goes out to call Gungun and sees Radha going from the backside and asks who is she then guesses she is Radhika Kohli.

He wonders why she is going without meeting them even today and then goes inside again asking Gungun to come inside when she wants.

Later, Pari Dadi and Mohan share a funny moment while Meera feels jealous seeing them after which Mohan is asked to sign registry papers and remembers Radha seeing Radhika's sign.

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