Radha Mohan 12th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha complaining to god that why he puts her in such situations where she is compelled to hurt Mohan after which she prays to the god to show her a way to get out of the circumstances.

There, Poonam runs on the treadmill asking Yug to stop it otherwise, she'll die while he forces her to tell the truth just then Champi comes and scares Yug after which Radhika comes there and finds Poonam restless and Yug is running on the treadmill.

She asks Yug why he is running at the night while Yug covers it up after which Radha goes to Poonam and worries for her then Yug says that Poonam was just working out.

After that, Poonam goes from there to drink the water while Yug questions where was Radha and she covers it up after which she asks him to sleep.

On the other hand, Poonam thinks that if Yug gets to know about Radha and Mohan's past there will be no limit of his madness and anger.

Meanwhile, an intoxicated Mohan laments that Radha is a cheater and has betrayed her after which the family members try to calm him down.

As he sleeps while talking the family members go to the sleep after which Radha remembers her harsh words to Mohan and asks the god to not make things difficult.

She asks the god to give Mohan the strength of moving on from her while Mohan wakes up from the sleep and starts to call Radha again after which Radha wakes up listening his voice and sees he is creating ruckus in the colony taking her name again.

After that, Radha goes to console him and asks him to be strong also she makes him remember that he shouldn't drink alcohol as it might affect bad to the children of the house.

Further, Mohan asks her to not leave him but Radha asks him to move on after which she drops him near his house and rings the bell while Mohan tries to stop her but Radha goes in the meantime, her nuptial chain falls there.

Later, the family members take Mohan inside again while Gungun notices Radha's nuptial chain after which Radha comes back home and Yug sees her so he calls a person to get details about Mohan.

After that, he goes to Manan's room to check Bhagwat Gita and tries to connect the dots while in the morning Poonam alerts Radha about Yug but Radha says she won't betray Yug for Mohan.

Further, Mohan dances in a procession dressed up as a groom which shocks everyone.

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