Radha Mohan 12th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with a Leap of 7 years as Mohan prays to God and Gungun has grown as he wakes her up.

Meanwhile, he cooks breakfast as Gungun gets ready while Mohan trips and sees Shalgam there.

Ketki and Ajeet thank Mohan for taking care of Shalgam as his own kid while he talks about Gungun listing all her bad habits.

Concurrently, Gungun comes and asks him what he is saying as he cannot utter a word and stutters.

Gungun judges Mohan's dress sense as Mohan tells Gungun that the length of her skirt is very short.

Gungun says it's not too short and it's fine while Mohan continues to ask her to wear it a little low. They both get into a banter while Meera enters and tells Mohan that he is getting late for his meeting.

Mohan hurries up and asks everyone to remain silent and not disturb him in his meeting.

The meeting starts when he forgets to take her apron off.

The meeting gets over when Mohan asks Meera not to fix the meeting this early in the morning as she flirts with him saying that she will take care and fix the meeting in the night.

Mohan calls her clingy while she tells him to make her his life partner.

A little while later, they all have breakfast together while Shalgam tries to sneak her food under the table but Mohan catches her.

Ajeet compliments Mohan's cooking as he compares it to Radha's cooking and it shocks everyone.

To this, Gungun asks them to let go of Radha's memories and stands up to leave the table.

Mohan stops her and says that there is no need to spoil their mood because of someone who isn't a part of their life anymore.

Meanwhile, Ajeet wonders where Radha is as Ketki says that she is illiterate and must be in some temple singing songs.

On the other hand, Radha comes out of the car as she is now a successful woman.

Newspapers and Radio shows want to interview her but she refuses saying she doesn't have time.

Concurrently, she is being informed that her social media is booming like anything and she has received fan emails too.

Mr. Sharma shows her a fan mail that he says is written by blood while Radha says that it's written by red color and not by blood.

She goes on air as she introduces herself and gives the introduction of the show.

She receives her first call and gives a solution to the caller’s problem and plays a song.

On the flip side, Gungun listens to that radio show as Mohan asks her to leave for school.

Elsewhere, Mohan and Meera have a conversation while she asks him to marry her and live with her forever.

She further asks him what brought him to Delhi while she doubts that he came in search of Radha.

Mohan explains to her as he says that he came here for Gungun's education.

Back at the radio station, Radha goes to the washroom Yug follows her there and gives her a bouquet wishing her a happy anniversary.

She tells him that it's a ladies' washroom while he says that she is his wife and he is the owner of this channel so it's allowed for him.

They come out as everyone wishes them happy anniversary while Manan brings the cake and wishes his parents happy anniversary and they get happy.

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