Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 episode starts with the reporter telling viewers that very little time is left in the diesel to finish. 

Just then Radha and Mohan count to three and jumps from the bus. 

In the flashback,

Mohan sets the rod on the steering wheel and accelerator and tells Radha to hurry. 

In the meantime, Damini tries to run to help Mohan but Kaveri stops her. 

Meanwhile, Mohan realises that the bus’s speed is too fast and becomes scared and recites “Darta Ja Per Karta Ja” which makes Radha smile. 

Seeing Radha smile, Mohan scolds her telling her it is no joke jumping from the bus and they can get hurt and if she gets hurt then who will look after him? 

Hearing Mohan’s words, Radha gets lost in his eyes and afterwards tells Mohan that they cannot jump together and he should jump alone. 

Mohan tells her that he will not go without her. 

Radha calls his brain “Kaddoo” insinuating that she is a fool and tells her to go. 

Mohan objects to being called Kaddoo and tells Radha to use any other vegetable. 

However, Radha stubbornly tells her that she will use Kaddoo only. 

Turning a serious note Radha tells Mohan to think of Gungun. 

Meanwhile, Tulsi is also telling Banke Bihari that if anything happens to Radha Mohan then people will stop believing in Him and tells him to think about Gungun too. 

Elsewhere, Radha tells Mohan that Gungun will need her father in her life while Mohan asks her about Gungun’s need for a mother. 

Staring into each other eyes Mohan remembers about diesel. 

The reporter tells the viewers that Mohan is trying to save Radha now that all the children have been rescued. 

Meanwhile, Mohan and Radha panic thinking about Diesel. 

Hearing Radha mispronounces Diesel, Mohan corrects her pronunciation which annoys Radha. 

Radha and Mohan attempt to jump but Radha chickens out at the last second and Mohan hugs her understanding her fear.

At the same time, Gungun is praying for Radha Mohan’s safety while Damini is agitated at Mohan for not jumping. 

After a while, Mohan jumps with Radha with only a few seconds to spare. 

Mohan’s head hits a stone as they tumble down the road and the bus bursts into flames after a few seconds. 

Everyone claps for Radha Mohan while Damini sighs with relief seeing Mohan alive.

Afterwards, Radha and Mohan stare into each other eyes remembering past moments of hardships that they had faced together. 

Later, Mohan tells Radha to go to a Police camp where everyone must be waiting for them. 

As Radha Mohan arrives there, Damini’s smile freezes seeing Radha’s hand in Mohan’s. 

Gungun comes running to Mohan and Radha while everyone claps for them. 

Just then, Mohan feels dizzy while everyone focuses their attention on Radha. 

Radha looks at Mohan inquisitively when Mohan falls on the floor and becomes unconscious.

Everyone shouts at Mohan while blood seeps from Mohan’s forehead. 

An ambulance takes Mohan to the hospital and where doctors call Radha "Mrs Mohan Trivedi" which makes Damini angry. 

The doctor tells her that Mohan might have internal injuries and his life may be in danger. 

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