Radha Mohan 13th February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th February 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 13th February 2024 episode starts with Kadambari saying to Radha that the time has arrived for them to join hands against that fake Tulsi.

She asks if Radha will join hands with her, and Radha says that it's shameful that Kadambari can join hands against fake Tulsi for property and wealth but not for Mohan and Gungun's emotions.

Meanwhile, Kadambari gets irked and says that it's not time for them to fight with each other but to stand together against fake Tulsi and oust her from the family.

However, Radha says that she doesn't need the support of a selfish lady like Kadambari also the murderer of Tulsi, and declares that she'll save the family from fake Tulsi and Kadambari herself.

Then, Radha tries to go from there while Kadambari stops her and asks Radha to understand that this fake Tulsi is so cunning just like her, at the same time Radha believes in fighting with honesty thus she can't defeat Tulsi alone.

When Radha doesn't believe in her Kadambari says Radha can go but she knows soon Radha will come to her to ask her help for in getting rid of Tulsi.

On the other hand, Radha sees the family members talking with the doctor, and Radha thinks that she has to expose fake Tulsi as soon as possible and goes to Tulsi's ward.

There, the doctor tells Trivedi's family that Tulsi was shocked to see Mohan with his wife and he had warned him already to not give any type of shock otherwise they will lose Tulsi soon.

He adds, that if they take care of Tulsi they should send her again to their hospital for better care while Mohan and Gungun assure the doctor of taking good care of Tulsi.

On the other hand, Radha asks Tulsi to stop her act as due to her act Mohan is feeling guilty.

However, Tulsi takes it as her victory and says now Mohan will stay around her leaving Radha due to her good act.

She feels proud of herself while Radha says evils always think they can win but at last, they always lose and the same will happen with Tulsi.

Further, Tulsi asks what will Radha do as she has only Mohan's nuptial chain but Mohan is of Tulsi's while Radha confidently says Mohan is her always, to which Tulsi says Mohan is hers and she can prove it by making Radha out of the hospital through Mohan and soon from his life too.

Meanwhile, Radha says that's not possible, after which Tulsi starts throwing the stuff of the ward here to there while screaming for help, which makes Radha shock.

On the other hand, the family members are shocked to listen to Tulsi's scream to stop Radha, while Radha tries to stop Tulsi from doing her act.

However, Tulsi holds Radha's hands near her neck and portrays that she is trying to strangle her, just then the family comes and gets shocked to see them in such a situation, while Mohan separates them.

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