Radha Mohan 13th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th January 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 13th January 2023 episode starts with Pandit Ji reciting mantras for Damini and Mohan's marriage.

Gungun misses Radha as Ketki holds her tight against her.

Meanwhile, Mohan's eyes are quiet as he prays to God to keep Radha safe wherever she is.

On the other hand, Tulsi handles a horse cart, carrying an unconscious Radha in the seat.

Dressed in bridal attire, Radha comes awake and slowly opens her eyes when the cart brushes against a big stone.

Tulsi looks back to see if Radha is alright and Radha holds her head in dismay.

Tulsi tells her that they are going to reach the Trivedi Nivas soon and Radha has to stop Mohan from getting married to Damini.

Just then, a group of goons riding a jeep eyes Radha and gets shocked to see the horse cart run by itself.

Tulsi races further as the goons try to catch Radha.

Meanwhile, Damini and Mohan are sitting around the Mandap and Pandit Ji asks Ketki to tie their knot.

However, Ketki doesn't move, making Damini glare at her.

Kaveri scrunches up her nose and informs Kadambari that she will do it but Mohan hesitates to get up.

Kadambari eyes him, beckoning him to get up while Mohan's heart only calls out for Radha.

Tulsi makes Radha reach the Trivedi Nivas safely, although, the goons also arrive just in time.

Tulsi asks Radha to get out soon and go inside.

With her powers, Tulsi shuts the door close in front of the goons' faces which scares them away.

As soon as Mohan and Damini get up to take the Pheras, Radha walks in and opens the door with a bang.

Damini gets frustrated seeing her and speaks to herself, saying what else would it take to kill this girl.

Kaveri gets stunned, however, Ketki and Gungun get happy to see Radha.

Gungun runs toward Radha and hugs her while Tulsi promises Gungun to always keep Radha with her.

Damini requests Mohan not to look at Radha and give her attention.

Radha's Dadi get concerned seeing the mark on Radha's forehead and asks her where she was.

Kaveri butts in and scolds Radha for coming here as going back to her house would have suited her the most.

Mohan keeps his back turned on Radha as Radha grabs a pot of water and splashes it across the sacred fire that was burning in the Mandap.

Kaveri holds her head in dismay and Radha announces that she has come today to become Mohan's bride who will have to accept her in his right frame of mind.

Radha says that there were a few thugs who didn't let her come here and Damini glares and shouts at Radha for blaming her.

Radha then tells Damini that she didn't even take her name and Damini gets stuck in her trap as Ketki and Ajeet try to understand the whole situation.

Mohan also stares at Damini who says he shouldn't believe Radha because if her head is hurt, it doesn't mean she has done it.

Kadambari intervenes and scolds Radha for crossing all her limits while Radha takes her aside and says if she doesn't let her do what is good for Mohan, she will tell everyone that Tulsi's spirit also resides in this house.

Damini and Kaveri talk amongst themselves about what is Radha whispering to Kaveri.

Radha then takes the thread tied at the doorstep and fragments it from between, letting Tulsi's spirit enter the house freely.

Kadambari gets the biggest shock of her life as she realizes that Tulsi might have talked with Radha alone.

Gungun hugs Radha and tells Kadambari not to separate them both.

Radha consoles Gungun by saying that Kadambari loves her very much and wouldn't do such a feat while Damini is stunned when Radha says she will tell everyone the truth today.

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