Radha Mohan 13th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan dancing as a groom in the procession while Radha and Poonam watching it in a shock from the balcony after which Poonam says that if this procession is for Radha which makes her tensed.

There, Ajeet asks in the shock what's Mohan doing while Ketki says that he is making fun of their reputation and tries to stop Mohan but in vain after which Meera also tries to stop him but he asks her to dance instead.

Meanwhile, Sargam dances and Manan also join her and Radha tries to stop him while he asks Sargam that whose marriage it is after which Sargam says she doesn't know nor she care as she just wants to dance.

On the other hand, Kadambari thinks that why Mohan is going towards Radha's home taking procession if he will bring her home after marrying her which makes her tensed.

After that, Poonam asks Radha to stop Mohan otherwise he might can tell Yug the truth after which they go downstairs while Yug and the other family members also gather there.

Further, Radha asks them to stop the music but in vain thus she breaks a vase to make them stop the music after which Ketki gives payment to the band to send them back.

Later, Manan and Sargam complain about stopping the music so Radha and Ketki send them home respectively to talk after which Radha questions Mohan what's he doing.

Meanwhile, Yug asks her to stop as he'll talk with Mohan after which he questions him why he is bringing the procession to their house while Mohan says it's for his wife Radha who lives in his house from last 7 years and takes care of his family.

He adds, that she does all the jobs which a wife or a daughter-in-law should do but she isn't his wife after which Yug asks him to be clear.

After that, Mohan says that his wife Radhika is his Radha which makes everyone shocked while Yug holds Mohan's collar in anger.

Further, Mohan says that Radha isn't divorced with him yet thus her second marriage with Yug is null as per Indian Law.

Meanwhile, Yug asks Radha to tell him the truth after which Radha spills that Mohan was her husband then tells her love story with Mohan that how she used to love him since childhood and ran away from her house to make his life better.

However, Mohan never trusted her thus she left him then she met him who made her believe in love again thus she didn't wanted to hurt him by telling the truth but Mohan couldn't bear her peace.

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