Radha Mohan 13th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 13th March 2023 episode starts with Mohan telling Radha to take her complaint back.

However, Radha refuses and tells Mohan that Damini is the culprit and she wants to trap her by showing this video and the bottle. 

Radha goes to Kadambari, asking her if she thinks that she can do any such thing. 

Rahul pipes in saying that Radha is capable of sending the whole family to jail so that she can rule this house alone. 

Ketki also shames Radha for conspiring and betraying the family. 

Mohan enquires Radha about hiding in the kitchen and holding the bottle cap. 

Gungun defends Radha saying that Radha never lies but Damini is the one who is a liar. 

Radha tells her that a small girl like Gungun can differentiate between right and wrong then why can they not & Mohan says that Gungun is a child. 

She interrupts him saying that he hates her which is why he cannot see the difference yet she won't take her complaint back.

Mohan drags her hand by saying that she will take the complaint back but Radha stands firm and tell Mohan that “No Means No” and Damini is being punished for what she has done and she will not save her.

She also tells him that she will stand by the truth.

Just then, Kadambari tells Radha that she will have to take the complaint back while Radha reminds Kadambari about Damini poisoning her and putting this whole family through so much. 

Kadambari states that if Damini is to stay in jail, then Radha cannot live in this house too.

However, Radha tells her that if she wants that then she will accept it while being comforted that Mohan and Gungun’s biggest enemy is in jail. 

Radha tells Kadambari that she can leave this house but cannot take her complaint back & Mohan asks her if she is doing all this for him while Radha answers in the affirmative. 

Mohan takes out the belt, saying if she is doing everything for him, then he is the one responsible for all this drama.

He begins to beat himself while Radha cries in shock and tells him that he is the one who has brought her back into their lives and should be punished for always standing by her. 

Meanwhile, Mohan beats himself brutally and tells Radha that he is responsible for sending his mother to jail and he is responsible for Damini being in jail so it is better if he dies too. 

Radha hugs Mohan and tells him that if they will have to die, then they will die together. 

However, Mohan pushes her away and is about to beat himself when Radha bends down and tells him that she will take the complaint back but he should not hurt himself anymore. 

Gungun tells Radha that Damini is wrong but Radha tells her that she knows that but they cannot let Mohan hurt himself. 

Seeing Gungun worried about Damini creating more problems, Radha tells her that no matter how big the evilness is, it is always lost in the end. 

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