Radha Mohan 13th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Meera and Mohan coming home after seeing various houses as their house dealer shows them.

Meanwhile, Meera complains to Mohan that even after seeing 15 houses he didn't like even one why.

After that, Mohan says that they are not as perfect as he wants, to which Meera taunts him but Mohan says that he wants a house with a homely feeling.

Just then, Gungun comes there and suggests to Mohan that they should live in Meera's house only as it gives him homely vibes and Meera supports her.

However, Mohan says to Meera that he can't do that as his family is big and contains his children, Ajeet & Ketki, and Kadambari.

After that, Kadambari is brought there by a servant in a wheelchair as she looks paralyzed, while Mohan assures Kadambari that he'll find the perfect home for them soon.

There, Radha also sees the making of a house and instructs the contractor to make such a house which gives a homely feeling and explains how a perfect home should be.

Just then, she gets a call from Yug who is waiting for her and says that she is lucky to have such a loving husband and family so the family will come to live in the house should feel the same comfort.

On the other hand, Mohan feeds soup Kadambari and talks about finding a perfect house while Meera taunts him but then asks that do he feels Kadambari will be fine, to which Mohan says that doctors don't think that but he can't give up and tells how Kadambari got paralyzed after getting shock from Vishwanath's death.

A flashback is shown, where Vishwanath gets consciousness and tries to call Mohan to tell him that it's Damini aka Tulsi who pushed him from the roof, not Radha.

However, Kadambari snatches his phone and strangles him, and when he stops the movement, she thinks he has died but Vishwanath throws a glass jug from behind at Kadambari which makes her injured and unconscious.

Back to reality, Mohan states that Kadambari only needs love, care, and a good house which he'll find for her.

Further, Mohan asks Gungun to go and study chemistry and he'll take a surprise test on her while Gungun taunts her for not understanding Meera's feelings.

After that, Meera questions her when Mohan gets to know Tulsi is Damini and he makes her arrested then he would have realized that Radha is right so why he didn't find her?

Another flashback is shown, where after Radha leaves Gungun gets her consciousness back and she tells Mohan that Tulsi is Damini as she throws her in front of the tiger and no mother can do that.

Meanwhile, Tulsi aka Damini tries to defend herself but the police arrest her and then Gungun asks for Radha, to which Mohan tells her Radha left them in anger.

After that, Gungun asks him if they should find her but Mohan says Radha slapped Kadambari and he can't live with such a person who disrespects his mother so they have to learn to live without Radha.

Back to reality, Mohan tells Meera the same that his mother Kadambari is everything to him and the doctor has advised him to not stress Kadambari so he doesn't find Radha to bring her back.

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