Radha Mohan 14th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha saying to Yug that it's her truth which she didn't want to tell him ever as she didn't want to hurt him but Mohan couldn't bear it.

Meanwhile, Mohan claps and says that whatever Radha is saying is the truth that they had an argument also there was couple of misunderstandings between them but when Radha left him he lost his peace.

He adds, that since Radha left him he was stopped at a certain point and can't move on in between Meera came in his life who was a perfect girl and claimed to love him.

However, he still can't move on while Radha moved on in her life ant even gave the birth to a kid that is today's time love if we don't get one try another like the clothes.

After that, Radha comes forward and slaps Mohan saying who gave him right to do her character's assassination after which Mohan says that he has right to say anything to her or slap her but he won't as Mohan doesn't raise his hand on any female.

Meanwhile, Radha says that if god has given her to love again then what's wrong in it if she took that chance then she asks Yug to believe in her that she didn't know Mohan will come back in her life as her neighbor while she doesn't even want to see him after which she says to Mohan if now he is happy by revealing her truth to her husband.

Further, Radha asks Mohan why he has brought the procession if he thinks if he'll bring the procession so she'll go back with him.

She asks if Mohan wants to build relationship with her by force after which Mohan says that the procession is for their divorce.

He adds, until yesterday he wants to get Radha back in his life but now he wants to move on then he takes out the divorce papers and asks Radha to sign on it after which he says to Pari that people do breakup party as per the new trend thus he also started the new trend of bringing procession for the divorce.

As Radha takes time to sign it Mohan says if Radha wants two men in her life which makes her angry also Yug warns Mohan after which Mohan asks Radha to sign the papers quickly.

There, Radha remembers her moments with Mohan while Gungun and Ajeet pray that Radha shouldn't sign the papers after which Kadambari thinks it would be best if Radha sign the divorce papers.

Just then, Radha tears the divorce papers saying she has ended the relationship from her heart thus there is no need to sign the papers while Mohan warns her to bear his hatred now.

He also suggests her to shift somewhere else while Radha asks her family to not pay attention to Mohan and goes back to home with them.

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