Radha Mohan 14th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 14th March 2023 episode starts with Mohan directing Shekhar to take Radha to the police station, where she will take her charge back against Damini.

As Radha walks away, Gungun runs up to Mohan and hugs him, and Mohan becomes emotional as he sees Gungun in pain.

Meanwhile, Kaveri questions Damini about how she obtained Kekti's video, to which she responds that some people have an obsession with posting their lives on social media, which is how she discovered it.

Kaveri and Damini then consider what if Radha refuses to drop her charge and Damini is imprisoned indefinitely.

Damini looks up and sees Shekhar bringing Radha, and Shekar confirms to the police that Radha wants to take her charge back against Damini and that everything was a misunderstanding.

The cop asks Radha if she is taking the charge back under duress, to which she responds that she wants to free Damini, and the cop orders Damini to be released.

When Damini is granted parole, she begins to mock Radha, claiming that even after taking the poison, she was unable to prove to Mohan her true love.

Kaveri also begins mocking Radha and remarks on how upset her face is as she seeks to free Damini from jail.

Radha asserts that Damini and Kaveri can't separate her from Mohan because she knows Mohan and Damini have nothing in common.

She goes on to say that Damini shouldn't be so confident because Mohan doesn't even want to be near Damini, so before she taunts Radha, she should scrutinise what she is up to.

Meanwhile, as Gungun touches Mohan's back cuts, he screams in pain, to which Gungun mocks him, telling him to scream even louder because he is stupid.

Mohan turns and takes Gungun's hand in his and tells her, whatever Mohan did to himself today should never be repeated by Gungun.

Gungun asks Mohan to promise that what he did today will never happen again, and he agrees.

Gungun repeatedly tells Mohan about Radha and how she is guilty, but Mohan avoids the subject and asks Gungun to sleep because she has an early school day.

He begins to recall all of his and Gungun's beautiful memories as he taps on Gungun's head and plays a melodious song.

Meanwhile, Kadambari arrives and, upon seeing Mohan's deep cuts in the back, she breaks down in tears because she cannot catch sight of her own child in pain.

She asks Mohan not to repeat the act while tightly hugging him and Mohan apologizes repeatedly.

Mohan then asks Kadambari that he knows how to restore peace to the Trivedi's mansion, which must be done before Gungun awakens.

Thereafter, Damini and Kaveri enter the mansion, and Kadambari sees Damini and smiles as she returns home.

Damini claims that she is heartbroken today because everyone in the family blames her whenever something goes wrong.

She goes on to say that she cannot risk Radha blaming her again and sending her to prison for life.

Damini and Kaveri decide to leave the Trivedi family, but Kadambari intervenes. 

She invites her to stay, but Radha cuts her off and tells Damini to leave as soon as possible because she obviously has some self-respect and should not stay at her aunt's house for so long.

As Radha goes onto pack Damini's clothes, Mohan confronts her and tells her that she must leave the house alone, not with Damini.

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