Radha Mohan 14th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan seeing Manan downstairs and screaming his name while Radha and Gungun listen to it and Gungun states that maybe Mohan has found Manan.

After that, they go to in the voice's direction to find them while as Mohan moves towards Manan, Manan sees that disguised Yug is sitting besides the stairs with a wire in the hand.

Seeing that, Manan tries to warn Mohan to not come downstairs but Mohan doesn't listen to him and keeps coming down so disguised Yug make him fall from the stairs after which he gets unconscious.

Meanwhile, Manan worries for him asks him to wake up just then disguised Yug comes downstairs and states that now Mohan can't save him so he has to die.

However, Manan runs to save himself while disguised Yug follows him after which Mohan sees disguised Yug going after Manan and gets unconscious again.

There, Gungun says to Radha that they should go in the different direction to search as the school is huge and Radha agrees so they part ways.

On the other hand, Manan tries to run from disguised Yug while he follows him and Manan falls down after which disguised Yug is about to attack him but Champi comes to save Manan and bites Yug on the leg.

Further, disguised Yug tries to kill Champi but Manan saves him and they runs to the terrace while Gungun finds an unconscious Mohan near the stairs.

Gungun gets worried for him and tries to wake him up after which Mohan gains his consciousness back and says that he has seen Manan.

He adds, that someone is after Manan the one who has locked him in the school after which they continues their search.

There, Champi comes to Radha who requests him to take her to Manan while Manan and disguised Yug and Manan are on the terrace where Yug scares Manan while he questions Yug why he is after him what he has done to him.

Meanwhile, Yug thinks how Manan brought Radha and Mohan close after which he tries to attack Manan in the meantime, a flower vase drops after which Radha, Mohan, and Gungun go in the direction of noise to find Manan.

On the other hand, disguised Yug pushes Manan off the terrace but he is caught by Radha and Mohan while they get lost in memories seeing each other.

Later, Radha tries to wake up an unconscious Manan while Mohan thinks that Radha is Manan's mother that's why he used to feel her presence.

He also decodes Manan is his son while disguised Yug expresses his frustration on failed plan after which he decides to act like a good father now and drop the plan of killing Manan for few days.

After that, Mohan says they have to take Manan to the hospital and consoles a crying Radha saying everything will be fine now as he is there with her.

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