Radha Mohan 14th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 14th September 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 14th September 2023 episode starts with Radha getting emotional as she tells Mohan that they have to expose Mandira to Shiv and Shakti.

Mandira teams up with Damini

Radha recalls how they formed a connection with Shiv and Shakti while escaping from Mandira and says that she thinks Mandira is the one who is preventing Shiv and Shakti's love story.

Mohan agrees with her while Mandira arrives at the Trivedi mansion while covering her face.

She thinks to herself that she will do anything to remove Shiv-Shakti and Radha-Mohan from their way.

As Mandira walks away, Shakti sees her but walks away thinking that it must be her hallucinations.

Meanwhile, Damini drags Mandira away and reveals herself and her motive to fight back and take revenge against Radha-Mohan.

Damini asks her what problem she has with Radha while Mandira vaguely says that Radha is going to reveal a secret of hers that can destroy her.

Mandira smirks as Damini tells her that they are friends as their enemies are the same.

However, Kaveri takes Damini away to talk to her and tells her that Mandira is even more cunning than them.

Damini argues that Gungun is after them and they will not be able to get what they want without Mandira's help.

The Trio agrees to make a deal and Damini gives her instructions on what to get from Mohan's room while Kaveri tells her to be wary of that rat Gungun.

Mandira leaves while Damini tells Kaveri that they should also go and stop Radha-Mohan from getting to Shiv-Shakti.

In the hall, Shakti is making the flower rope while Radha and Mohan watch how Shiv is admiring her from afar.

As Shiv walks towards her, flowers fall on them making Radha and Mohan state how they are looking a perfect match.

Mandira stops Damini from killing Radha

Damini, Kaveri, and Mandira also spy on them while Shiv and Shakti recall their first meeting and the moments that brought them closer.

Radha side hugs Mohan who tells her that the couple has started romancing while Radha tells him to let them romance.

Mohan tells her to talk about romance later while dragging Radha towards the couple stating that they should talk about work.

Damini thinks that she has to abide by the deal and pulls out her knife once again as she starts walking toward Radha and Mohan while Kaveri and Mandira look on in shock.

Radha tells Shiv and Shakti that they have something important to tell them but Shakti stops them thinking that they are going to talk about her confession.

Before Damini can stab Radha, Mandira stops her while Kaveri goes to Shiv, Shakti, Radha, and Mohan telling them to go and get changed for the dance performance.

Mandira takes Damini away and scolds her saying that everyone gets stuck if it is a public murder.

Damini shouts that she has gone crazy while Tulsi hears the noise and goes to check.

Damini asks Mandira what relation she has with Radha while Mandira tells her to do her work and leaves from there.

Damini's plan to electrocute Radha

Tulsi sees Mandira coming out and thinks that she must be hearing Damini's voice in her head as she goes back to the hall.

Damini tells Kaveri to go and spy on Mandira as she definitely has some type of connection with Radha which they can use against her.

Meanwhile, Damini arrives in the room told by Damini and stands in front of the lock safe trying to recall what the code was.

On the other hand, Damini and Kaveri manage to send away the ladies and fix an open electric wire under a flower rope and put it in the swing made for Banke Bihariji and put the other end to an outlet switching it on.

Damini continues asking her what she's doing while Kaveri tells her to be quiet and tells her the plan of how Radha will get electrocuted when she touches the swing.

Mandira on the other hand sees that the code Damini gave her is wrong and calls her stupid trying to think what is the new code.

Damini asks Kaveri how is she sure that Radha will be the first one to swing the idol while Kaveri tells her that she heard Kadambari and Manorama talking about it.

Hearing this, Damini smirks saying that if their plan works, Radha will be out of their lives for good.

Just then, she gets a call from Mandira and leaves to talk to her while Gungun notices Damini and gets suspicious of her once again.

Mandira tells Damini that her password is wrong and tells her to tell what are Tulsi and Gungun's birthdays.

Shiv-Shakti's weird romance

Damini recites the birthdates to them while Gungun hears them and confronts her as soon as the call is disconnected.

Mandira manages to get the property papers while on the other hand, Kaveri gets worried seeing Damini pull out a knife.

She throws the flower rope on Gungun and drags Damini away before Gungun can notice them again.

Gungun thinks that she has to tell Radha and Mohan while Shiv enters the locker room and thinks that she can help him there.

Mandira continues hiding while Shakti comes there and asks him if he is okay.

He continues smiling at her and shows her the strings telling her to help him tie them as he doesn't know how to do it.

Shakti asks him if he called her here for this and is about to leave when Shiv tries to stop her and they both fall on the cupboard.

The pair get lost in each other's eyes while Shakti notices that Shiv's pajama has fallen down.

He shouts and turns away from her pulling up his Pajama while Radha and Mohan also arrive there.

Shakti tells Mohan to help Shiv tie the strings of the pajama while Radha lies that Mohan also doesn't know how to tie the string and tells Shakti to help Shiv.

The couple turns away as Shakti helps Shiv tie the strings after which Mohan tells them that they have something important to tell them.

However, before Mohan can talk, Gungun rushes there and tells Mohan that she has something to tell him.

They hear noises coming from the hall and go while Mandira sighs in relief.

Ajeet speaks into the microphone that now it is time for Shiv-Shakti and Radha-Mohan's performance.

Meanwhile, Damini and Kaveri take the documents from Mandira and tell her to leave as they will handle everything from there.

Mandira nods and leaves while Damini thinks that they have to find out what wrong Mandira has done as it is definitely related to Radha.

She talks about how Mandira already knew Radha's birthdate and calls someone telling them to start the plan as she has gotten everything she needs to destroy the Trivedi's.

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