Radha Mohan 15th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th January 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 15th January 2024 episode starts with Radha looking at Mohan with fear and shouting out for Damini while Damini comes to call him.

Mohan takes out lipstick from his pocket, applies it on his lips, and follows Damini leaving Radha scared. 

Late at night, Damini and Kaveri wake up due to the rattling of the door while Kaveri tells Damini that it must be Mohan cum Tulsi. 

However, Damini tells her that Tulsi is out of Mohan’s body due to Radha’s prayers and fasts and has also fallen in love with her so there is no need to doubt Mohan. 

They leave the room to check who is outside while Mohan follows them saying Damini’s time has arrived. 

Later, Damini and Kaveri hear Tulsi’s laughter and see Mohan standing there.

With a knife in his hand, he walks towards them while Kaveri runs telling Damini to follow suit but Damini remains glued to her spot.

Mohan walks towards her and stops the knife just an inch away while the lights are turned on. 

Mohan wishes Damini a happy birthday while Kadambari stands smiling along with Ketki and others. 

Ketki objects to celebrating Damini’s birthday after what she has done to them while Kadambari tells her that Damini is ten times better than Radha who brought a ghost into the house. 

Damini complains to Mohan for scaring her while he tells her that it is just the beginning and by the end of the day she will get the biggest surprise of her life. 

Kadambari tells Damini in confidence telling her that Mohan has ordered a ring for her. 

Damini becomes happy for a minute and then worries about Radha while Kadambari tells her that Mohan will leave Radha soon. 

Meanwhile, Radha watches everything from the back of the pillar while Mohan helps Damini cut the cake. 

Rahul, Ketki, and Ajeet leave giving cold shoulder to Damini while Damini hugs Mohan in gratitude. 

Meanwhile, Mohan picks up the knife looking teasingly at Radha who looks scared to see Mohan smile.

Later, Radha confronts Damini telling her that Tulsi is still inside Mohan. 

She tells her to think why would Mohan flatter her so much when Mohan never looked at her in a normal way? 

However, Damini tells her that she is being jealous of her because Mohan has come back to him. 

Radha tries to convince Damini and reminds her about GuruMa’s words about Tulsi killing the person who killed her and then will leave with Mohan. 

However, Damini tells her to leave her alone as she will not get fooled by her. 

Before Radha can follow Damini, Mohan pulls her into their room and Mohan cum Tulsi threatens to kill her if she comes in her way.

On hearing that she does not fear her, Tulsi takes out the knife while Radha looks scared.

Mohan walks towards her and puts a knife in her stomach while the fountain of blood oozes out and colouring the floor. 

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