Radha Mohan 15th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha saying that if Mohan wants to show his face to them it's his problem but they aren't bound to stand there.

After that, she goes to her home and shuts the door at Mohan's face after which she tries to talk with Yug but he goes to his room while Radha goes after him.

There, Pari says that whatever happened is hard to believe that Radha was Mohan's wife before marrying Yug and she hid it for last 7 years.

Further, she goes while Poonam that Mohan has done a mistake by letting Yug know about it.

She adds, Mohan doesn't know Yug and his action can take many lives while Mohan's family confronts him for his actions after which Ketki says that Mohan shouldn't have done this as it has made fun of their family.

Meanwhile, Ajeet says that Radha had asked him to not do the same while Mohan says that's why he did that as whatever Radha will say he'll do opposite of that to trouble her.

After that, Gungun questions him why and he says because Radha has betrayed him while Gungun says that Radha hasn't betrayed him.

On the other hand, Yug remembers Mohan and Radha's equation and vents his frustration out after which he tries to make himself calm saying Radha won't leave him.

There, Gungun says to Mohan that Radha hasn't betrayed him as she was compelled to leave the house and they made her choose between her self-respect or staying with them thus it's not her fault.

However, Mohan says Gungun is doing partiality by taking side of Radha and says he knows Gungun will choose Radha among them while Gungun agrees saying she will choose Radha as she is right.

Meanwhile, Mohan says Radha has betrayed them by breaking the relationship she isn't even her mother as she has built a new family after which Gungun says Radha will always be her mother and Manan is her brother no matter whose son he is so Mohan shouldn't trouble Radha.

On the other hand, Yug questions Radha that why she didn't tell him the truth while Radha says she doesn't want to hurt him also he is the one who didn't want to know her past.

Then, she says she didn't know Mohan is buying their house and when she got to know she even asked them to leave but Mohan is stubborn then Yug says that means Manan is Mohan's son.

After that, Radha says Mohan shouldn't get to know about it as he'll snatch Manan from her which makes Yug trigger that Radha and Manan will be separated from him and he hurts himself while Radha treats and consoles him.

There, Mohan tells Gungun that Radha shouldn't have left the house due to the arguments thus he'll also trouble her as he wishes.

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