Radha Mohan 15th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 15th March 2023 episode starts with Mohan confronting Radha after packing her belongings.

Mohan claims that everything has been packed, but it will be Radha who leaves the house, not Damini.

Radha strongly rejects Mohan's statement and reminds him of Gungun's custody.

However, Mohan asserts that he can see how Radha is blackmailing him by using Gungun's name and he will plead to the judge for Gungun but will no longer tolerate Radha in the Trivedi mansion.

Radha informs Mohan that she cannot leave everything and leave her loved ones, allowing Damini to ruin the family.

She then tries to call out Gungun, but Mohan stops her and tells her to put an end to her drama right away.

However, Mohan drags Radha out of the mansion with her Banke Bihari aka god Krishna's mini sculpture and her book.

Mohan pushes Radha out with her belongings, but Bhushan stops her and gives Mohan a cold look.

While everyone is surprised to see Bhushan, he takes Radha inside the mansion.

Meanwhile, everyone touches his feet and anointing him, but when Mohan is about to take his blessings, he steps back and comments on Mohan, saying that if he doesn't know how to respect a woman, how will he respect others?

Mohan begins to rant about Radha's actions and how she imprisoned Damini and Kadambari.

Damini joins Mohan in his support and begins taunting Radha, but Bhushan stops her.

She informs them that he has seen the world and that by looking at a person's face, he can tell what their true intentions are.

Bhushan goes on to say that they should look at Radha's face because it shows what a simple and innocent woman she is.

Mohan interrupts Bhushan, claiming Radha is a fraud, a thief, and a cheater who only sheds crocodile tears, to which Bhushan yells and asks him to stop.

When Bhushan sees Mohan insulting a woman, he questions Kadambari about the upbringing she gave Mohan and whether everyone in the family treats women this way.

He informs everyone that it was Trivedi who informed him of everything, which is why he took the first flight from Delhi and arrived at the house right away.

Damini, Kavri, and Mohan start bragging about Radha and how she has ruined the peace in the family since she moved in.

Bhushan becomes enraged and confirms that he knows Radha is innocent.

Mohan fails to recognise the obvious fact that Radha has sacrificed her life a thousand times to save him and Gungun.

Kavei resumes her drama, claiming that the 2.5-foot witch married Mohan in an inappropriate manner, to which Bhushan yells and orders Kaveri to stop.

Mohan then claims that while he admires Bhushan, he has to kick Radha out of the house because of what she did to Kadambari.

Bhushan also decides to leave the house because he finds no respect for women in the Trivedi mansion, and as he takes his bag, Kadambari orders Radha to stay in the family, shocking Damini and Kaveri.

Bhushan decides to leave, but Mohan stops him by holding his bag and informs him that neither he nor Radha will leave the house.

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