Radha Mohan 15th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan consoling Radha that it's not the time to cry they have to take Manan to the hospital.

He assures her that he is here thus everything will be fine nothing will happen to Manan after which Radha sits beside Manan and assures him that nothing will happen to him.

Meanwhile, Mohan drives off the car after which Gungun sees them and thinks that she tried to stop them from meeting but eventually they met.

She adds, Ajeet says right that always whatever the god wants happens and now nothing will happen to Manan as Radha and Mohan are together.

There, Yug bumps at Gungun with his bag and she gets shocked to see him and asks how he is here while Yug says Mohan asked him to come to the school to search Manan.

After that, Gungun questions him that what's in his bag which makes Yug irked and he decides to kill Gungun just then the watchman comes and Gungun asks him that Manan is found after which Yug acts to be happy and then tries to go to the hospital when Gungun tells him that Radha and Mohan has taken him to the hospital.

Further, Yug gets irked with Gungun's questions and decides to kill her with Mohan while Radha and Mohan bring Manan to the hospital where Mohan warns the doctor to cure his son.

Meanwhile, the doctor asks him to be calm and Mohan apologizes after which the doctor asks Manan's blood group and Radha tells the doctor that it's O negetive.

After that, Mohan thinks his blood group is same that means Manan is his son while they are asked to sign the form before the treatment being the parents and Mohan fills it as Yug's father.

Further, Gungun tells Ketki and Ajeet about Radha and Mohan meet which makes Ketki tensed while Kadambari is worried thinking that she might be exposed now.

There, Meera comes and questions Ketki while the doctor informs Manan needs blood and they don't have O negetive blood after which Mohan goes to donate blood.

Just then, Ketki, Ajeet, Meera, and Gungun come and see Mohan donating blood while Mohan claims Manan is his son after which they try to convince Mohan that it's not true but Radha has told them he's Yug's son.

However, Mohan doesn't believe it and goes to talk with Radha while Radha thinks that maybe Mohan has realised that Manan is his son.

She adds, that she lied to everyone but how she'll lie to him just then Mohan comes to her.

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