Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 15th September 2023 episode starts with Ajeet announcing that it is time for Shiv-Shakti and Radha-Mohan's performance and before the clock hits twelve and tells the audience to enjoy.

Radha-Mohan and Shiv-Shakti dance to the beats!

The couples dance to the song Radhe Radhe excitedly as Manorama twists her face seeing Shiv and Shakti dancing together.

Gungun shouts for Shakti calling her Masi and Shiv calls him Mausaji making them a pair while Manorama does not like it.

Shiv and Shakti get lost in each other's eyes by the end of the performance while Radha-Mohan watches them and thinks that they will defeat Mandira if they are together.

Radha tells him that she has a surprise for him which she will give to him after the pooja while Mohan takes Shiv away with him that he has to talk about something important.

However, Kadambari stops them and tells Mohan that his presence in the pooja is important as he and Radha will have Banke Bihariji of their own in their lives after this.

Shiv teases Mohan saying that he'll have to change diapers soon after which the pair goes to do the pooja.

Everyone watches as Radha-Mohan and Shiv-Shakti do the pooja together and smiles except for Manorama.

Damini and Kaveri continue to wait for Radha to get electrocuted while Gungun tries to steal the Makkhan but is stopped by Kadambari who tells her to put it back.

As Gungun turns, she drops the bowl on the ground spilling it on the ground as Manorama tells them that it was Banke Bihariji's will.

Further, the clock strikes twelve while Kadambari tells Radha that she wants her to swing God's swing first as it is said that the first person to do it gets a child by the next year.

Mohan jokes that he will pull up a whole cricket team by the next year while Radha gets shy and tells him to shut up.

Further, the couple look at each other with blood rushing to their cheeks recalling all their moments together.

Kadambari tells Radha to go ahead while Damini and Kaveri wait in anticipation for Radha to come in contact with the open wire.

Damini tells Kaveri that she wants to see Radha's death from the front and pushes her to go ahead.

Kaveri falls in her own trap

Kaveri slips on the fallen Makkhan and touches the open wire that she herself had put for Radha and gets electrocuted as Banke Bihariji's idol falls on her stomach.

The family gets shocked while Mohan tells Radha to not go ahead and goes to switch off the outlet of the open wire.

Radha takes the Idol from Kaveri's stomach and holds it close to herself while Shiv and Shakti rush to Kaveri's aid.

Radha jokes that the Idol fell on her as if he was killing Putna (the character Kaveri is dressed up as) and wonders out loud why she seems similar.

Shiv and Shakti both check Kaveri and tell everyone that she is fine while telling them to make way for some air.

Meanwhile, Damini is glad that her mother is alright but thinks to escape before she is caught.

Gungun thinks to go after Damini while the Sharma family tells the Trivedi family that they should leave.

Radha tells Mohan that they should reveal the truth to Shiv and Shakti but he points out Shakti's upset face.

He states that they need to bring them together first and Radha nods as Mohan takes Shiv with him.

Mohan takes Shiv to his room and asks him why he is after Shakti and helped her with her admission.

Shiv replies that he wants to be Shakti's friend and that he helped her because she is deserving of it.

Mohan further increases the difficulty of the questions and asks Shiv why he feels bad when Shakti is hurt and why he still wants to be her friend after she has rejected his offer.

Shiv rejects Shakti

Shiv is left speechless while Mohan continues asking him why he cares for Shakti and helped her even in saving Radha.

Asking the last question, Mohan questions Shiv why he feels upset and empty when he is not near Shakti.

Seeing Shiv's clueless face, Mohan tells Shiv that he can't be friends with Shakti as he has started falling in love with Shakti.

However, Shiv starts having flashbacks as he rubs his hands together trying to calm himself.

Hearing Mohan continue saying that he likes Shakti, Shiv pushes him against the bed frame telling him that he does not love anyone.

Shakti covers her face hiding her sobs hearing Shiv's confessions as Shiv continues telling Mohan that he does not love Shakti as love is a very torturous emotion.

He recalls how he was unable to save the mother and the child and walks away apologizing to Mohan while Shakti cries to Mohan that she knew Shiv didn't love her.

Mohan tries to console her telling her that it's not like that but Shakti runs away from there hiding her tears.

Radha asks Mohan if they have made a mistake and Mohan tells her that Shiv loves Shakti but hates the emotion of love itself.

He informs her how Shiv had an unusual reaction and tells her that it is something connected to his past.

He tells  Radha that he fears Shiv-Shakti's love will bring them pain instead of happiness.

Damini and Kaveri get caught

On the other hand, Damini is about to escape but Gungun stops her while Ajeet and Rahul come there and drag Damini inside.

At the same time, Kaveri regains consciousness and tells them that she is fine while Mohan asks her why she seems familiar.

He recalls the old lady who had beaten Radha and removes the fake nose revealing Kaveri's identity.

Mohan confronts her and says that it was her who had tried to get Radha electrocuted while Ajeet and Rahul bring in Damini as Gungun states that she doubted them from the start.

Kadambari tells Ajeet to kick both of them out of the house while Mohan stops her saying that they should call the police.

Ajeet informs him that he has already called the police for trespassing and attempt to murder.

Later, the police come there and Damini and Kaveri get worried seeing the handcuffs.

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