Radha Mohan 16th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th January 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 16th January 2024 episode starts with Kaveri getting overexcited at the function as she is very happy that Mohan loves Damini now.

She then sees a red curtain and tries to see what is behind it however is unable to open it as Mohan stops her and says that it is a surprise for Damini.

After Mohan leaves, Kaveri immediately tries to open it again but this time Mohan twists her hands after which Gungun runs into her and asks if she has seen Radha anywhere.

Kaveri yells at Gungun and says that she is not a watchman and that she would know where Radha is and then goes in search of an ointment as her twisted hand is paining.

She wonders if both Gungun and Mohan are passed by Tulsi however right before anything could happen, she hears Tulsi's voice behind her asking if she is okay.

She turns and sees no one over there but a shaking flower pot after which Tulsi comes in a horrific condition but her face is not revealed making Kaveri faint.

Mohan looks at Damini with a smile on his face, a similar expression is exhibited on Kadambari's face however Ketki, Ajeet, and Rahul are disgusted.

Gungun tells Mohan that she needs to talk to him urgently and asks why is he acting so strange and appeasing Damini which makes Mohan say that he will send her to boarding school.

She asks where her Rama is to which Mohan replies that she has gone back to her village.

Later, Kadambari goes to Ketki, Ajeet, and Rohan and scolds them for not being supportive as Mohan is happy with Damini.

Meanwhile, Kaveri gets her consciousness back and is again haunted by Tulsi.

Trivedi's on the other hand goes to Kadambari and asks where Radha is as it is not a parent's job to say yes to everything her child asks but should reason with them as Mohan is going to sin.

Kaveri screams and goes to Damini showing her scars to her and saying that Tulsi is back which scares Damini.

Mohan however announces that today is very special to him because it is Damini's birthday and that is why he has decided to give her something she always wanted.

He takes out a ring which lightens up Damini's face however Kaveri holds her back and says that Mohan may be haunted by Tulsi.

Damini says that finally Mohan is going to be with her and she will not sabotage it at any cost.

She goes to Mohan who bends down on one knee and takes her hand while putting the ring on her finger.

They both then hug while Damini says that she has received the best gift of her life which makes Mohan say that he has another gift for Damini and then starts pulling the red curtains.

It reveals a portrait of Tulsi which shocks everyone including Mohan as he did not know Tulsi was going to be behind it.

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