Radha Mohan 16th June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan saying now he'll do whatever he likes even if he likes to trouble Radha he'll do that only.

He adds, Radha will get the punishment of her deeds while Kadambari gets happy listening to it and thinks that the god is on her side this time as even if Mohan stays in front of Radha, he hates her now thus her secret will stay hided.

On the other hand, Radha asking Yug that why he is making himself hurt as she can also feel his pain and he hurted himself so much on such a small thing.

Further, he asks Radha if she loves him and asks her to not lie as he can't tolerate that after which he says that he is unable to bear the truth and feeling like Radha's past is a rift between them.

He says that to end that rift he needs to know from Radha that if she loves him or not while she stays silent so Yug repeats his question.

After that, Radha lies that she loves Yug very much and then thinks that Yug isn't in the state of hearing the truth right now after which he asks if she doesn't love Mohan while Radha also agrees on that.

Later, Yug hugs her while Radha asks him to believe in him that she won't leave him ever as he supported her when no one was there with her.

Then, she promises the same as Yug asked after which Gungun spots them hugging each other through the window while Radha complains to god for keep putting her in tough situations thus she has to lie today even though she loves Mohan but she can't betray Yug for that who stood by her in her worst.

She says that if she has to choose between her love or duty then she'll choose duty while Mohan sits upset remembering the past events after which Ketki asks Meera to make Mohan eat food but he refuses.

Further, Radha calls him out and confronts him for ruining her life by exposing her truth while Mohan says he'll do it repeatedly.

There, Radha says that she has expected the same from Mohan as her rejection has hurted his ego then she vows to oust him from the house while Mohan says Radha can't do it.

As they leave Gungun thinks it's not happening good as Radha and Mohan should be together then she calls Yug to meet her and requests him to let Radha and Mohan reunite while Yug refuses.

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