Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 16th March 2023 episode starts with Bhushan greeting and hugging everyone in the family as Mohan invites him to stay.

Meanwhile, Damini and Kaveri are in the room devising a new plan to expel Radha from the Trivedi family.

Damini asks Kaveri for the papers they stole from Radha's room and attempts to burn them in order to erase all evidence against them.

Simultaneously, Mohan enters the room where Radha is also present.

He grabs the blanket and prepares to leave the room, but Radha stops him.

Mohan becomes angry and warns Radha to stay within her limits or else he will leave the house and snatches the blanket from her.

While Damini burns all the evidence, Kaveri rejoices because there is no more evidence against them.

Radha is upset in her room because of Mohan, but she decides to bring Damini's true identity and opens her phone gallery to show Tulsi the papers.

She was well aware that Damini and Kaveri would attempt to steal the papers, so she photographed them beforehand and asked Tulsi to read them aloud.

She quickly prints the papers and calculates Mohan's office's profit and loss statement.

As she calculates, she notices a significant difference in the money and is mystified as to what is going on and whether her suspicions about Damini and Kaveri regarding Tulsi's death are correct.

She asks her 'Baki Bihari,' aka God Krishna, for help, and as she double-checks the bills, one of them falls down.

When she picks it up, she notices the date 13th November 2016 and notices that a large sum of money was debited on that day.

She doesn't understand at first but then realizes it's Tulsi's death day and her suspicions about Tulsi's death are correct.

Meanwhile, Mohan knocks on Damini's door, and because the papers are still burning, they become terrified and hide the burning paper in the garbage can.

As Mohan walks in, he smells something burning and immediately inquires Damini about it.

Kaveri tells Mohan since her husband is no longer alive, she takes 2-3 puffs in his memory and claims that the burning smell is from the cigar.

Kaveri notices one of the papers on the floor and picks it up, but Mohan stops her and asks what she is chewing.

Kaveri responds that she was afraid that someone would find out about her habit and that she has been chewing the cigar quickly.

She exits the room, and Damini offers to put medicine in Mohan's cuts, but she notices the door is open. 

Bhushan stops her while she is closing the door and, seeing Mohan in Damini's room, shouts Kadambari.

Bhushan inquires Kadambari whether Mohan sleeps with Damini rather than Radha in the room, to which Kadambari is shocked and inquires Mohan whether this is true.

Mohan informs that it is his decision not to tell anyone about it and that he cannot compel Radha to have relations with her.

Bhushan informs Kadambari that he is going to take Damini and Kaveri with him in Delhi today itself.

Damini refuses to go, but Kadambari humiliates Kaveri for knowing all of this and still supporting Damini and instructs them to pack their belongings.

Meanwhile, Radha asks Kadambari if she can go talk to Bhusham in order to make him stay.

Kadambari agrees, but Kekti stops her and requests that she not go.

She claims Radha is a witch, and Bhushan is simply falling for her words.

Kadambari rejects Kekti's viewpoint and sends Radha.

Meanwhile, Radha walks into Bhushan's room and thanks him for his help.

Bhushan smiles at Radha and declares that she is very beautiful, and Mohan is blind to the fact that he does not see how beautiful a wife she has.

He grabs her shoulder and tells her not to worry because he is Radha's carer, then uncomfortably hugs her.

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