Radha Mohan 16th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan coming to Radha while Gungun thinking what will happen when Mohan will meet Radha.

There, Radha thinks seeing Mohan how will she lie to Mohan and prays that Mohan shouldn't ask that if Manan is his son.

After that, Mohan says to Radha that nothing will happen to Manan as they have saved him together and Radha and Mohan are always hit when they are together.

He says that he knows Radha is angry with him as he has done very wrong and if he would have known that Radha is pregnant with his child then he wouldn't have let her go away from him.

Further, he says that he has always remembered her in last years and he knows Radha also would have missed him but now he'll fix everything.

He adds, that he has donated blood to Manan and nothing will happen to him as his father's blood will be donated to him.

Just then, Radha says that Mohan says right that Mohan will be saved by his father's donated blood then she took Mohan to show that Yug is donating blood to Manan.

She says that his blood won't be wasted but be stored in blood bank after which Radha tells Mohan that Manan is her and Yug's son while Mohan refuses to believe in her.

He says that he knows Radha is lying thus he'll talk to Yug while Radha stops him saying Yug doesn't know anything about their past and she doesn't want her past and present to mix.

Further, Radha says that she is happy with Yug and Manan in her new life and asks Mohan to not interfere in their life.

She asks him to pray to her kid and tries to walks away.

Meanwhile, Mohan stops her and asks if she is really happy then why she isn't happy like before and adds that Radha can't be happy without Mohan.

He adds, Radha is saying all this because she is angry but he is really guilty for what he did and not finding her and Manan.

However, Radha addresses him as Mr. Trivedi and asks him to stop saying Manan as his son as it's Yug's son.

Further, Radha clarifies that once she loved Mohan a lot but a problem ruined everything then she met Yug who filled her life with love then she started to love him back and they had a son.

Later, when Mohan continues to question her Radha shows Manan's birth certificate to Mohan in which Manan is 5 years old.

After that, Mohan refuses to believe in certificate stating about the same blood group but Radha asks him to not behave idiotic as it's just a coincidence.

Further, she asks him to move on in the life just then Trivedi and Meera come there and Radha leaves giving a look to Meera leaving Mohan devastated.

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