Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 episode starts with Mohan telling Damini that he is ready to humiliate himself in front of her as she wants. 

He bends on the floor and starts rubbing his nose on the floor, begging Damini to give money to save Gungun. 

Mohan Begs Damini

He tells her that if she has ever loved him then save Gungun for that love. 

Damini walks towards him in arrogance and tells him that she is not as bad a person as he thinks her to be. 

She tells him that despite what Gungun has done to her over the past years, she still has feelings for her because she is raised in this family in front of her eyes. 

She tells Mohan that she will help him to save Gungun while Kaveri scolds her saying he is the same Mohan who has threatened her a while ago. 

Mohan gets scared and apologizes to Kaveri for everything he has done and promises to do everything she ever wants. 

He even asks her to call Mohit and Bhushan too if they want, he can apologise to them too. 

Kaveri tells him that Bhushan and Mohit are not home and she will never forgive him. 

Damini pretends to be worried for Mohan and tells Kaveri that she should not be so hard on Mohan, who is her love.

Damini Shocks Mohan

She gives Mohan a glass of water and tells him that she never had any problem with his family or Gungun, however, Radha grates on her nerves. 

Mohan tells Damini that if she is ready to give him the money then he and Radha both will not only apologize to her but will also become her slaves. 

Meanwhile, Damini tells Mohan that he can take 50 and not just 20 lacs for Gungun’s treatment. 

Mohan becomes happy and grateful, holding Damini’s hands in gratitude for the generosity while Damini has her eyes locked on Mohan’s hand holding hers. 

After a while, Damini covers Mohan’s hand with her hand and Mohan becomes aware that something is not right. 

Damini bends down and kisses his hands while Mohan feels a jolt of electricity running through his body. 

She tells him that she has one condition that Radha might have an objection to. 

Mohan tells her that he is ready to give her anything and so will Radha.  

She tells him that today and ever again she will not beg him for love and that if he wants money for his daughter then he will have to spend a night with her.

Mohan and Kaveri are equally shocked to hear Damini’s demand. 

Mohan is about to get angry when Damini tells him to think about her daughter’s life. 

Mohit Suspects Damini

Just then, Bhushan and Mohit come there and are surprised to see Mohan walk out defeated. 

At the same time, the doctor tells Radha and Trivedi's family to arrange for the money as soon as possible. 

Later, Radha tells her family not to worry as Mohan has gone to arrange for the money and very soon he will bring the amount. 

On the other hand, Mohit is about to tell Bhushan something about Damini when she appears behind them and tells Mohit that she has caused Gungun’s accident.

She tells him that he should say everything on her face or else she will cause his accident for sure.

Elsewhere, Mohan gets a call from Radha, asking about the money which makes Mohan feel like a failure and he tells Radha that he could not arrange the money. 

Mohan loses all hope, thinking about the cost of Gungun’s treatment and Damini’s demand for lending the money while bursting into tears. 

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